Is Your New iPad Making Apps Look Ugly and Heating Up?

Singapore and 9 other countries had the first taste of the new iPad last week. Many websites had reported that the new high resolution screen (2048 x 1536) is making icons and apps look ugly. Today, an article shows us the reason.

As you can see, iPad 3 or the new iPad has a better resolution. So, for apps and icons that look ok on iPad 1 or iPad 2 may now look jagged.

Many developers are rushing to ensure that their apps look nice on the new iPad. From my understanding, developers will have to use the new tools from Apple to develop the app for the new iPad.

One of the fastest app developer to refresh its app for the Retina iPad is Instapaper. You can read the information here.

Or if you want to compare the different resolution on different devices, click the below link as Lukus Mathis has done the job for you using his “cheap” microscope.

Click Here to Check Out the Different Resolution of Devices under the Microscope

I think the next question(s) for new iPad owner will be storage space (as more resolution may translate to bigger file size) and iPad heating up due to the bigger battery and a faster chip. I have read reports that some iPad owners are complaining about a hot spot on the lower left corner

What do you think? Do you have such “issues”?