Nokia Lumia Celebration at Orchard Singapore (Video)

In the anticipation of Nokia Lumia Launch in Singapore on the 7th December, Nokia celebrated in style on the street of Singapore. On the 3rd and 4th (today) December, Nokia organized a slew of games and activities for passerby and most importantly, they held a contest and winner will perform with DJ KoFlow on the 7th December.

There are two venues along Orchard road. One is outside Heeren where Rozz and Xiaxue are hosting some fashion show and Nokia Amazing Style challenge.

Some of their props 🙂

The next location is along the Orchard Road, nearer to Paragon (Outside Abercombie & Fitch) where people are calling the Knightsbridge. That is where the DJ contest was held. 3 contestants per day and total 6 contestants.

Here is the first contestant.

And DJ KoFlow making judgement after the show.

Close up of DJ KoFlow.

And DJ KoFlow doing his stuff.

A special visit from Jade Seah (she was doing some filming about this Nokia event – I think).

To keep people entertained, there are Xbox 360 with Kinect and Nokia Lumia Surf board to play.

Here are some interesting shots of people falling over.

Doing a somersault.

There are more pictures. I did a short video.

If you are tired, there is a Nokia Lumia buggy to transport you to different location.

And I was lucky enough to catch Antony Wilson, the Head of Marketing for Nokia Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei when I was there. Had a short talk with him and I must say that he is super charged with energy!

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