Minimalist Scanomat Top Brewer Delivers Coffee with iPhone

The focus right now is not the iPhone/iPad app. It is the minimalist look of Scanomat Top Brewer. It is on slick machine. All the hardware hidden underneath with just a tap-like dispenser to dispense your brew.

No mention of price but I guess it will be steep. It has a double grinder, a worlds smallest milk frother at the tip of where the coffee is dispense. The Top Brewer provides chilled drinking water, cold milk, hot water for tea and steam for blanching of vegetables.

Did I mention that it has an app (on iOS). But if you do not have an iOS device, there is still a touchscreen to do the job. I am not an expert on coffee maker machines, below is a link to the site.

Click Here to Scanomat Top Brewer Site


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