Siglap Bobby Introduces Shake Leg Service for Repair of Apple Products

Don’t let Siglap Bobby fool you with its SLS (Shake Leg Service) for repair of Apple products. Behind it is a slew of support and IT to seamlessly blends in to let you have a worry-free repair job on your Apple devices.

Although it is available since January 2018, there are still many people out there searching for the perfect one to service their Apple devices.

Siglap Bobby seems to be ready to cater to the corporate needs too. I am actually impressed with it. If you want to skip the Press Release, here are the details.

Siglap Bobby

I have not tried the services yet. So, do ask questions if you are in doubt. If you have tried their services, comment below on your experiences. I am sure many would like to hear.

Press Release


Siglap Bobby shakes up service delivery in tech repair scene

Singapore, December 2017 – Gone are the dreary days of having to travel to Sim Lim
Square, plough through the countless shops for a seemingly honest mechanic, haggle for the ‘best price’, and finally supervise the process to prevent further malicious meddling of an already broken device.

Come January, Apple repair service provider Siglap Bobby, known for its exclusive use of original Apple parts, will launch the game-changing Shake-Leg Service (SLS) that
eliminates the trouble of commute for the customer. If an Apple device malfunctions or is broken, a customer may simply opt to shake leg by scheduling a pickup by an SLS courier and await collection and transportation of the device to Siglap Bobby, where the repair takes place.

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While the market pioneer usually fails to address some pain points, the SLS seems to
have covered all angles. The SLS pegs all standard procedures to Siglap Bobby’s key
principle – reliability. Beyond retrieving the bad Apple from the customer in need, the SLS presents a first in the industry – a live stream of the repair will be made available to the corresponding customer. This ensures transparency of the reparation process, leaving no need for suspicion of ‘tampering’. In the same vein, during transportation by a SLS courier before and after the repair, a device is collected and sealed in a tamper-evident bag for maximum security.

“Since what we want is to build real rapport with customers, we’re always thinking about ways to add value to customers. We finally decided, ‘let them shake leg’, and we would provide courier service to individuals who urgently want to revive their device, or just desire convenience, all with peace of mind.” Bobby Chan, owner of Siglap Bobby, explained how the idea was born.

SLS is aimed at companies too, so they get better productivity for the man hours that
would otherwise be spent on logistics. “It’s not uncommon to hear that old iMacs and faulty iPads are left in the office store room because it’s too much of a chore to get them fixed.” Chan said. Accompanied by a simple user interface available on desktop and mobile browsers, companies that are big users of Apple computers can look forward to an efficient, skilled, and reliable Apple repair service provider – finally.

As much as bringing convenience to those who are too busy, Siglap Bobby also aspires to reduce electronic waste, or e-waste, with this new service, even if it seems like a far shot now. Reparation instead of replacement of devices is an eco-friendly move since the high turnover rate of technological novelties have resulted in e-waste that is severely harmful to the environment, whether disposed of properly or carelessly.

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Siglap Bobby’s Shake-Leg Service welcomes users now. For more information, please call 9186 6861 or visit

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Boasting their use of only original parts, Siglap Bobby promises quality repairs of Apple products, and excellent customer service. Owner Bobby Chan believes that reliability is key in business, which extends to his choice to employ only original parts and execute a most suitable repair. Siglap Bobby strives to provide each customer with lasting solutions and a trouble-free experience.