First Encounter with Samsung Galaxy S II – Video Within

Today (7th March), I had a chance to take a close look at Samsung Galaxy S II. It has an impressive 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen with a 1-GHz dual core processor.

The screen is very bright and the overall design is very slim. Here are some features of this Samsung Galaxy S II.

During the Press Conference, much of the time was spent explaining the key features of the phone.

Not surprisingly, IPS screen was mentioned a few times.

Apart from that, NFC (Near Field Communication) is also a key topic. According to the information, the Galaxy S II will come with 2 versions, one with NFC and one without.

Next features is the WiFi Direct. With WiFi Direct, devices can communicated and transmit data at WiFi speed (without a wireless access point) .

And also, KIES (Key PC software with Intuitive, Easy and Simple usability) was mentioned. It has been upgraded to KIES 2.0.

An excerpt from Samsung website.

The newly introduced Kies 2.0, an upgrade of Kies 1.5, enables the Samsung GALAXY S II to sync with a computer using a Wi-Fi network for PIM backup, subscribing to contents, and multimedia contents sharing. And with the Samsung Kies air solution you can connect with any computer without a Kies program through the web browser to manage all sorts of information and multimedia contents on a larger screen.

And this Samsung Galaxy S II comes with HSPA+

Next, Samsung Voice Solutions. With Voice Solutions, you can talk to the phone to perform specific tasks.

Another important aspect of this phone is the Enterprise solution (VPN, Exchange and Encryption solution). One of the highlight is the on device encryption. Instead of using software to encrypt, it has built in hardware that does the encryption.

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An excerpt from Samsung website.

On Device Encryption

Play it safe with a security solution that enables the protection of mobile data without the need to sacrifice speed and functionality. The Samsung GALAXY S II is the first Android smartphone to adopt powerful encrypted hardware, minimizing the use of security software and applying encryption technology to the hardware itself, greatly accelerating security protection and achieving superior performance. The incorporated Sybase Afaria Mobile Device Management and Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync complement the encryption support with their own mechanisms to secure important corporate and personal information.


I also captured the specs from Samsung Galaxy S II website. Do note that some features/specs might defer in different region

So, how is the performance of the phone? I have a chance to do some hands on.

Physical Outlook

It is slim and light. In fact, it is so light that we have to verify with Samsung people to confirm that they have installed the battery in the handset.

The texture on the back is similar to all current Galaxy series.

The phone has a nice 2 Megapixel front facing camera.

It has an 8-Megapixel rear camera.

If you do not notice, you will think that it has a single button on the front.

However, once you touch around the buttons, the two soft buttons will light up. They are the standard Android buttons.

The phone is very clean. It has a standard 3.5 mm jack on the top.

On one side, it has the power on/off button.

On the other side, it is clean.

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The phone that I tried is running on Android OS 2.3.1 (Gingerbread).

I did a short video on it.

Hope that you enjoy it. There is no mention of price and availability in Singapore but I am sure it will be soon.