New platform will get you rewards for staying healthy with fitness trackers

Who has a fitness tracker or see people wearing one, and think that they are useless except for checking how many steps you have walked? You are not alone. Well, things are going to change as BSTMobile, a local Singapore company, is developing a platform that will benefit users who exercise more with these trackers.


With the platform, users can sync their trackers’ information with a companion mobile app. It will be computed and reflect as points and users can use these points for rewards.

Currently, Bay Hotel is engaging BSTMobile to launch it as a pilot employee-benefit scheme in the fourth quarter. More information can be found in the Press Release. However, if you want to sign up as Beta users, follow the link below.

More information or Sign Up as Beta users at Rewalkz website

At the moment, only Jawbone UP trackers will be use. In future, the fitness trackers will be extended to more brands. Read the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

B-Secure Technologies Developing Corporate Wellness Platform To Engage And Reward Users of Fitness

19 August 2014, Singapore – Singapore-based technology firm, B-Secure Technologies Pte Ltd (also known as BSTMobile) is developing a corporate wellness platform that can assist companies in ensuring their employees get enough exercise and at the same time, reward their employees for keeping fit.

The platform – named Rewalkz.Me, is currently under development and will be ready in the 4th quarter of 2014. Together with BayHotel Singapore, the platform will be launched as a pilot employee-benefit scheme. Here is how it works – The local hotel will issue fitness trackers (Jawbone UP) to its employees.

  1. Users wear the Jawbone UP, and start exercising and going about their daily activities. The device will automatically tracks steps and sleep.
  2. At the end of the day, user syncs the Jawbone UP with companion mobile application
  3. Rewalkz.Me will retrieve the synced information such as steps, calories burnt
  4. Using a formula, steps will be converted to points and rewards can be redeemed based on accumulated points
  5. Rewards for employees can range from shopping vouchers from participating merchants to dining vouchers from the company itself
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Commenting on this, General Manager of BayHotel, Philip Cyril Raj said, ”We are excited to be the first company in Singapore to utilise this platform and I firmly believe that this will benefit both the company and employees alike. As employees get fitter, we will see less absenteeism in the form of sick leave and the employees get rewarded for getting fit! It’s a win – win situation for all.”

Rewalkz.Me is designed to work with any fitness trackerwhich allows 3rd party services to access user information (with user permission), so it is compatible with others such as Fitbit, Nike+ FuelBand or even a mobile application such as Moves. In addition to tracking the number of steps, the platform allows the administrator to set up challenges and missions to pit users against each other and also has a leader board. This form of gamification is targeted to promote more engagement amongst users so as to sustain the use of the fitness trackers. Research has shown that typically, individual users of fitness trackers give up using after six months, mainly due to lack of engagement.

The platform can also be linked to other 3rd party services such as Strava, which is popular among cyclists and BSTMobile is in talks with several sports related portals which are looking to increase engagement among their users.

CEO and Executive Director of BSTMobile, Paddy Tan, had this to say, “How we started this was that a few of us in the office were wearing fitness trackers and we realised that there was very little engagement and some of our friends stopped using it after a few months. So we brainstormed and came up with the Rewalkz.Me platform that will help users to Track, Engage and Reward.”

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About B-Secure Technologies Pte Ltd

B-Secure Technologies, more commonly known as BSTMobile specializes in mobile application development firm and counts Samsung, Blackberry, Lenovo, Yamaha Motor Indonesia, Chevron, Olympus, Mediacorp, SPH, Cheil, Watsons, Thakral as its clients.

BSTMobile is run by a young and dynamic team, and also develops solutions for enterprise clients.