Canon EOS 5D Mark II has arrived in Singapore with Price Tag

Finally, after being spotted selling in Shanghai, Canon EOS 5D Mark II has arrived in Singapore. In today’s Straits Times, it has a full page advertisement on this 5D Mark II.

I guess people like me are curious on the price tag. Surprisingly, it is not as high as I thought given that it is a 21 MegaPixels camera with Live View and the infamous Video Mode that can capture Full HD image (click here to find out more).

Selling at SG$4,299 without lens and SG$5,899 with a 24mm to 105mm F4 lens is very attractive price and reason for buying it.

I wonder if Sitex is already selling it this week. Anyway, for those who had not invested into a DSLR and are serious to get a camera, I recommend that you take high consideration on this Canon EOS 5D Mark II. I am a Nikon user. The closest that it can rival Canon (in terms of functions) is the Nikon D90. But there are a slew of limitation that D90 has and 5D Mark II has already resolved. Kudos to Canon for this remarkable camera.