Singapore Microsoft and PPCSG Year End Event – Microsoft New Services – Video Link

For those who are looking for HTC information on the event, click here.

Everyone (I think) was hoping to hear something about Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 or even Windows Mobile 6.5 are disappointed because, as stated, it is a Microsoft New Services talk.

Thanks to Chris Chandler who had done a wonderful job of explaining Microsoft New services (Windows Live Wave 3) to us (and yes, no one will leak out that you uses Firefox, who doesn’t 🙂 ).

What is really does is that it enhances the social part of Windows Live to integrate it into our Mobile devices. The Wave 3 will be launched on 11th of December, according to Chris. To get to it, just go to the website below (on your mobile devices).

Don’t need to try it now as it is not the Wave 3 yet. From the presentation and Live Demo (using an inhouse (slow) server), we can see that it integrates chatting, photo sharing and etc into the portal.

Some screenshots of Live Wave 3

Here’s a short video of Chris explaining to us on Wave 3.

Click Here to Watch the Video