Singapore Microsoft and PPCSG Year End Live Event – HTC Touch HD – Video Link

I am glad to be able to attend this PPSG organised event. The main highlights of the night is HTC introduction of latest gadgets and Microsoft introduction to their new services. I will break this blog into two parts. This part will be purely on HTC.

Venue: Microsoft HQ
Date: 29th November 2008
Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm

For a start, let’s take a view at our Singapore Microsoft HQ at the 21st floor of 1 Marina Boulevard and around the reception area.

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We are honoured to have HTC Singapore Product Manager to introduces HTC range of products. The talk starts with the introduction of the revamp TouchFlo 3D. Follow on, a fresh look at the HTC Touch 3G (already selling in retail stores in Singapore) and the main talk revolves around the most anticipated HTC Touch HD.

HTC Talk

I believe many of you (like more) wants to know when HTC Touch HD is available in Singapore. The good news is that it will be launched next week! But the launched will be through Starhub.

Here’s a Demonstration by Melvin on the HTC Touch HD

Click Here to Watch the Video

Some information on the Touch HD that most people don’t talk about. The first one is that there will be no Digital Compass on the Touch HD.

The next one is about the software version. From Melvin, it will be the latest one (just completed last week) and fully optimised for Singapore Market. He mentioned that previous version are not fully optimised to utilised the Full HD experience. The Singapore launched Touch HD will be fully optimised.

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He did mentioned that Singapore Telcos are very strict with the testing (by LTA – Local Testing Authority) and normally it will take 6 to 8 weeks or more before it can be approved.

Questions and Answers

Many questions were posted by us during the event.

Here are some interesting ones.

This question revolves around battery life. From Melvin, he tested the unit by watching 4 DVD HD quality movies (about 2 hrs each) on the HTC Touch HD before battery flat. That is something I thought is amazing. Next, he mentioned that with Push Mail set at 5 minutes interval, he will only need to charge the device after 2 days. Amazing also. (Melvin, if you are reading this, please let me know if I have made a mistake in the statistics :))

The next question is about i-Banking. Will HTC Touch HD Internet Explorer support i-banking. Answer from Melvin is that the banks has concern with the security over these mobile browsers. At the moment, it is better to get the software application (on some banks) to do the banking process.

HTC Service Support

Someone from the audiences also asked about the HTC Services Centres (at SiS building in Leng Kee Road, and another one at Vivocity). Melvin explained that they are trained by HTC people and therefore they are certified 3rd party vendor to help HTC.

The biggest question is HTC Service support. Melvin came clean by saying that over the years, the support has been improved and he personally tested some Services to ensure that it is in Tip Top.

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Many complains is talking on quality of the build and paint work. Melvin assures that if it is not due to wear and tear and conforms to the terms and condition, they will definitely do something about it. If not, we can issue our concerns.

Hands On

Many people were so eager over the HTC Touch HD that they (including me) forgo the break and took time to play around the device.

In my opinion, it is just to short to really comment on it. However, first look is that it is thin (however, iPhone feels thinner due to the edge) and the TouchFlo 3D is really nice. Took sometime to play with the camera. See below for my shorts hands on. No music.. so please bear with the background noise.

Click Here to Watch the Video


The HTC talk ends with a note on the roadmap of HTC up and coming devices. Next generation devices will be more on Communications, what you experiences on a Desktop can be replicated on the mobile devices. More choices for different usage groups. That’s it! I can wait.. Oh, yes, one more information. What about HTC view on Windows Mobile 7. Will HTC support it?? HTC decides to let Microsoft do the explanation…