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HTC MAX 4G Exclusive Unboxing Pics

Ok. HTC MAX 4G is NOT coming to Singapore (as far as I know). It looks like HTC Touch HD except for a few differences. One of the biggest differences is it has WiMax (by Yota in Russia). There are some talk on this HTC MAX 4G but this is […]


LG Prada II Phone Pictures Gallery Showed Up

Everyone heard about LG Prada. Now let us enjoy the beauty of Prada II (LG-KF900). Lets not talk about the specification. The reason is simple. All branded phones (as what I know now) have just standard or slightly above standard phone. Nothing much spectacular to talk about. More pictures after […]

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The Wait Is Over – Sony Says So

In a new Teaser website, Sony says The Wait is Over and mentioned that on the 9th of January, everyone will change the way you look at laptops. Forever. That is a very strong statement. Can’t wait for it to happen. What do you think will happen?  Netbook? MID? Click […]