Check Out Circle of Joy Where You can Redeem Perks

Circles.Life has launched a loyalty program, Circle of Joy, that you automatically enroll when you are a Circles.Lifer. The longer you stay with Circles.Life, the better benefits you will get.

I did not realize that I had been with Circles.Life for 84 months. Currently, there are 4 tiers that you can achieve.

  • Rookie: 0 to 3 months
  • Apprentice: 4 to 12 months
  • Elite: 13 to 23 months
  • Master: 24 months and above

As Circles.Life automatically calculates the tier from the day you join, I am now at the highest tier.

I played two games. One is a welcome game that you need 0 points to redeem. I earned myself 60GB of data. You will need 500 points to play the other game. I won a 5GB data bonus. There are other gifts like bill waiver, data bonus, AirPod Pro (2nd Gen), AirPod (3rd Gen), S$180 bill waiver (12 months).

So, if you have enough points, you keep on playing. As a Master tier, I can get 100 points daily (need to check in) and get more perks.

Check out the details below.

Press Release

Circle of Joy

Loyalty made simple. Rewards made better.

Singapore, 27 April 2023 – It’s not often that telcos apologise. But at Circles.Life, we don’t shy away from the hard conversations. Today, Singapore’s first telco disruptor, Circles.Life, announced its new loyalty program, Circle of Joy, where customers are truly rewarded for staying on.

Following research and findings from consumer sentiments, Circles.Life has developed Circle of Joy that aims to solve some of the pain points many customers feel about other run-of-the-mill loyalty programs. Did you know that 39% of telco users prefer brands who value loyalty when making their purchasing decisions? In addition, 4 in 10 (40%) users feel that they should be treated better the longer they stay. The answer is simple: telcos can do more — and better.

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Circle of Joy is a simple rewards-based loyalty program that puts power back to customers to earn all types of rewards. Customers — existing and the telco-curious — earn points daily (and even hourly!) by simply being a Circles.Life user. Through this, they can unlock exciting rewards such as data bonuses, bill waivers, and premium gadgets like the latest Airpods Pro and Samsung S23. Bet you’re smiling already.

Putting the joy in Circle of Joy

Unlike traditional loyalty programs, which typically have additional conditions that need to be fulfilled before customers can be members, Circles.Lifers are automatically subscribed to the program by simply being a user through their intuitive app. Existing customers are allocated points from the start, and customers are able to utilise their points to redeem rewards at their convenience.

More importantly, this loyalty program does not place importance on monthly spends, add-ons or bundles, but simply gives customers more exclusive rewards the longer they are subscribed to the telco. In addition, there are no expiry dates for the points stored in your Circles.Life wallet. Essentially, the longer you stay, the more you get — and Circles.Life is committed to giving better rewards for loyalty.

Jeanette Wong, Head of Marketing, Circles.Life said, “From our findings, we know that telcos can do better in rewarding customers. That’s why we created a program where loyalty is made simple, and rewards are simply better. Circles.Life is always about defining delightful experiences for our users. In a world where consumers are spoiled with choice, it was a conscious decision that loyalty shouldn’t be taken for granted. We wanted to do our part by raising the bar again and showing how telcos can do better for their users.”

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Taking a stand on loyalty programs with a fun and simple experience that simply delights

Circle of Joy comprises four different tiers, Rookie, Apprentice, Elite and Master, which are determined based on the amount of time an individual has been a customer. Each tier allows users to earn points at differing rates and allows them to keep track of progress easily through the app. The longer they stay, the higher their tier, and the faster they can earn points to redeem even better rewards. And the best part is there are no such things as downgrades, as long as customers do not suspend or terminate their accounts.

Redeeming prizes has never been easier and more exciting. Circles.Life has gamified the rewards experience to ensure everyone’s a winner, no matter what, and no matter when. Users can choose the reward they’d like to redeem from the virtual Gacha machines, depending on their tier: Mystery Gacha, Data Bonus Gacha, Bill Waiver Gacha or Other Special Gacha.

Plus, the rewards themselves are sure to win over skeptics. For the launch, ALL existing Circles.Life SIM-only plan users (excluding those on the lite plan) will get FREE data bonuses up to 100GB. From a one-year bill waiver ($180 value) or $100 in Grab vouchers to winning a Samsung S23 or Sony WH-1000XM5 headphones, there’s something for everyone. Ready to say hello to your new telco?

Just in case there are those still on the fence, Circles.Life is also doling out limited time promotions to invite you to join the Circle of Joy. This includes CODE: CIRCLEOFJOY130 for the 4G Standard+ $15 plan entitling customers to additional three months of unlimited data bonus (six months total) and CIRCLEOFJOY200, 4G Upsize+ $20 plan entitling customers to additional three months of +100GB data bonus (three months total).

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So come over to Circles.Life for a rewarding experience from the start. Call it your Circle of Joy.

About Circles.Life

Circles.Life is founded on the belief that the future of the telco industry is brighter than anyone can imagine. We create delightful customer experiences in telco and digital services with the most innovative and future-ready platform built in Singapore. Our owned and partner operations in Singapore, Taiwan, Australia, Indonesia, and Japan are powered by the world’s first full-stack, 100% cloud telco operating system purpose-built for the 5G era and beyond. At Circles.Life, we empower customers all over, delivering world-class NPS and industry-leading customer and revenue growth. To learn more, visit