I Chose Moderna instead of Pfizer as my Booster Shot

When I received the invite to go for my third jab (or booster shot), I waited a few days. The reason is that I am undecided if I want to take Moderna or Pfizer. Both of them are mRNA vaccines and based on reports (which I think is not a lot), it is fine to mix (aka cocktail).

BTW, I know that there is not much change to the process (1st dose, 2nd dose). I just want to record my COVID-19 vaccine journey here. My first SMS came in on 1st November 2021 with a unique link for me to register for the booster shot.

I googled for information on mixing Vaccines. They are classified as compatible and I read that my friend has the Moderna booster vaccine despite having Pfizer in the initial shots when he posted on social media. This boosted my confidence.

A few days later, another SMS arrived to remind me to register for my booster shot.

I wonder how many reminders will they send if I don’t react to it. I did not hesitate this time. I registered within the same day. Things to note are that you have to find one location that has the vaccine that you want. In my case, I chose Punggol 21 Community Club since it has Moderna and I live in the East.

On arrival, there are many support staff. Kudos to them for doing this job on a weekend. There were not many people for the shots though. From the arrival to taking the jab, it takes a few minutes. During each station, there were repeated questions on whether I know why I am there and which vaccine I had chosen and which vaccine I had taken previously. The rest of the questions are whether I had COVID-19 before or any of the family members had COVID-19 and other questions like allergies and etc.

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Once the nurse (or doctor) is satisfied, the shot is administered. There was no pain at all and it happens so fast. Do note that if you are taking a Moderna booster shot, they will half the dosage of the vaccine. If you are taking Pfizer, it will be the usual dosage.

What is the dosage used for booster vaccination?

The dosages for booster vaccination by vaccine types are:

– 50 mcg for the Moderna vaccine
– 30 mcg for the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty vaccine

The booster dosage of the Moderna vaccine is less than the 100 mcg used for the first two doses. This is because data has shown that a 50 mcg dose effectively boosts the immune protection against COVID-19. If you have received a 100 mcg dose for your booster vaccination, there are no safety concerns in having done so.

The booster dosage of the Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty vaccine is the same as that used for the first two doses.

MOH | FAQs – Booster Doses

After the jab, I have to wait for another 30 minutes for observation. Some interesting things I observed since I am sitting near the entrance during the 30 minutes. Many came for the booster shots. The staff becomes excited if someone is here for the first dosage which I believe is not a lot considering that Singapore has 85% of the nation fully vaccinated (2 doses).

Here is what I received after the observation.

In fact, before the 30 minutes is up, you can download the status (on a PDF file) on HealthHub app.

I was advised to avoid these activities.

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How do I feel now?

It is more than 12 hours since my booster shot. My arm is aching and I feel a little uncomfortable (feverish) which is within the expectation.

Overall, based on the recent cases in Singapore, I think that vaccination definitely helps in reducing the symptoms of COVID-19. I have friends who had recovered from COVID-19 in their homes. The effect or reaction to COVID-19 is based on the person’s physical conditions and how they can overcome it.

These are my personal opinions. Should you contract or suspect to contract COVID-19, please seek the proper advice shared by MOH. Please go to MOH official website for more details.

Living with COVID-19

And if you still have doubts over the mixing of Vaccines, here is an article for your reference. I wonder if I have to write another summary of the next booster shot in half a year or not. In any case, stay safe!