How to Clear Table Litter Effectively

From today (21st June 2021), as part of P2HAS2 (Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) Stage 2), you are allowed outside dining with a maximum of 2 people. However, do note that from 1st June, the Singapore Government has made it mandatory that diners have to return dirty trays, crockery, and clean table litter at Hawker Centres, Coffeeshops, and Food Courts.

This news was reported on 14th May 2021. Unfortunately, 2 days later, we went into a mini-Circuit Breaker or P2HA (Phase 2 (Heightened Alert)) which does not allow outside dining.

This are sample of posters taken from NEA website

Now that you are back to outside dining, I think I have a little hack that could save you a lot of trouble to clean up the table litter especially with our local food (e.g. bones, soup, prawn shells and etc).

How to Make a Portable Disposable Paper Trash Box

Check out this video.

From now till September 2021, you will be warned if you did not clear your table. After this grace period, a fine will be imposed if you did not do it.

Enforcement will commence on 1 September 2021 at all hawker centres. Enforcement officers will continue to advise diners to properly clear their dirty tray, crockery and litter and enforcement will apply to diners who do not heed the officers’ advice. First-time offenders will be issued with a written warning. Subsequent offenders may face composition or court fines. NEA will monitor the ground situation and make adjustments over time to the enforcement posture accordingly.

Some might think that this is too harsh. However, if you look back to the years of “training” us to clean our table after finishing our food using reminders, it did not work. It is no wonder that Singapore is a “fine” city. When a fine is imposed, everything will be fine.

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Let me know if you have a better idea to clear the table. Share with us here. Stay Safe!!