Uniqlo Airism Mask has a Singapore Launch Date

Uniqlo Airism Mask is coming to Singapore. When launched in Japan in June, people rushed to purchase it. Finally, the affordable (3 pcs for S$14.90) reusable mask will be here in Singapore in August.

I remembered when launched in Japan, it has only one color. Thankfully, Singapore will be getting both the white and the black color.

Here is the close up of the mask.

It has a 3 layer structure and is using nano-filter. From some reports, I read that it is not as breathable as some expected. I will need to try one to understand it myself.

I am expecting a mad rush for these mask when launched in Singapore. One of the reasons is the pricing. One pack costs S$14.90, which in my opinion, is very cheap for a reusable mask. Uniqlo Singapore will start retailing it from 24th August 2020 in two colors – Black or White.

Do note that Uniqlo has imposed a purchase limit of one pack of masks per person. There are 3 sizes to choose from:

  • Size S: 18cm x 12cm (For children)
  • Size M: 22cm x 14cm (For small adult faces)
  • Size L: 23cm x 14.5cm (For regular adult dimensions)

Are you excited to get one? Or you already have many masks (like me), no thanks to COVID-19?


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