Review: VIOMI Travel Electric Bottle

Here is my short review of the VIOMI Travel Electric Bottle. I saw it many times and finally, I bought it during the 12.12 event on QOO10 because it is just S$26.90 inclusive of delivery.

For the year 2020, I decided I should make more videos and share with everyone what gadgets/devices/products I have bought online or offline. I think it will be fun because some of them are really not useful at all. You will be the judge.

Here is my first product review in 2020, the VIOMI Travel Electric Bottle which I think is more a flask than a bottle.

It has a capacity of just 400ml but the beauty of it is that it can store its own cable which makes it easy to travel. However, it does not have an automatic voltage detector. So, you can only use it with 220v input.

Boiling the water takes about 6 to 8 minutes and it can keep hot inside this bottle for around 3 hours (or lesser). Thankfully, it has the option to keep the water warm using the touch button.

Do watch the video for more details.