Review: adidas RPT-01 On-Ear Wireless Sports Headphones

adidas and Zound Industries launches two new wireless sports headphones recently – the FWD-01 in-ear wireless headphones and the RPT-01 on-ear wireless headphones. Thanks to adidas, I am able to review the RPT-01 on-ear wireless headphones.


Unboxing the RPT-01

Here is the packaging of the adidas RPT-01.

I made a video on the unboxing. Check it out below.

First Impression

I love the build of this RPT-01. It feels solid and rugged. It has that industrial design feel. When I first took it out from the box, I was quite surprised that the physical size is so small.

The three stripes that signify an adidas product.

I love the attention of details on the adidas RPT-01.

It is using a USB-C to charge the headphones. The packaging comes with the USB-C cable.

Love these wires with the Left and Right indication.

When I put the adidas RPT-01 over my ears, I understand why it is called on-ear headphones. Some of you might know or used headphones that are called over-ear. Those headphones have large ears cushion cups and generally, your ears are inside these cushion cups. For the RPT-01, it has small ear cushions. So, when you put it on, it is basically on your ears.

Because the adidas RPT-01 is for sports, it feels tight on the ears. This, in my opinion, is needed to secure the headphones when doing sports-related activities.

BTW, the RPT-01 is IPX4 (Sweat Resistant) rated headphones. Some of the items are detachable for cleaning.

The ear cushions and inner rubber headband are removable. The cushions are made of washable knitted material for constant usage.

This is the hinge is for securing the ear cushion.

And this is the rubber inner band that is detachable.

Here is the groove to secure the inner band.


The RPT-01 has an adjustable headband to suit different head shapes. I feel that it is a little short because after I adjusted it to fit my head, it is almost fully extended.

I love the 40 hours of playtime. With just one full charge, you can enjoy music for a long time.

This is the directional button for power on/off, Volume Up/Down and also to forward or reverse a track.

When I wear it, it feels secure over my ears. I don’t have that feeling that it will drop off easily.

There is no noise cancellation on this RPT-01. However, once you wear it, it cuts off most of the outside sound. Sound-wise, it feels a little “airy” like you are listening in a large hall. I would love a stronger bass though.

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You can adjust the treble and bass but it must be done via the adidas headphones app.


The app is available on iOS or Android. With the app, you can enjoy the full features of the adidas RPT-01.

Connecting the headphones to the app is similar to any other headphones. Once connected, you can see the battery level and able to customize the headphones.

You can:

  • Set actions on the Action Button
  • Select or customize the equalizer
  • See the status of the headphones (e.g. Battery Level).

This is the action button where you can set it according to your liking.

The picture (see below) shows the screenshots of the app.

  • On the left is the action button customization page (e.g. Single press – Voice Assistant, Double Press – play a playlist on Spotify).
  • On the right, you can choose different equalizer settings.

And on the picture below, more details on the equalizer (left side) and the firmware on the RPT-01 (v 1.1.3)(right side).

During my usage, I realized that the action button cannot work if I did not open up the adidas headphones app. This is a little counter-intuitive. I hope that adidas can fix it.

And another “complain” is that when the app is first opened, it takes a while to synchronize the headphones setting with it. This is also something they could fix too.



  • PLAY TIME: 40+ hours




    • RPT-01 headphone
    • Charging Cable: USB-C
    • User manual


  • DIMENSIONS: 19 cm x 14 cm x 7 cm
  • HEADPHONE TYPE: On-Ear Headphones
  • WEIGHT: 209 grams


  • APPS: Get the adidas headphones app to activate more features and complete the setup.

Pricing and Availability

adidas Sport headphones are now available at TC Acoustic Showroom, Challenger stores as well as online at TC web-store, Lazada and

The RPT-01 is available at a retail price of S$299.

Final Thoughts

I love the design of the adidas RPT-01. As this is design for sports, adidas has done a few things right.

  • The greyish color is not easy to get dirty or cannot see if it is dirty.
  • The ear cushion and rubber headband can be detached for cleaning.
  • It is sweat proof (IPX4 rated).
  • It is sturdy which is good if it is used outdoors.
  • It has an app for customization.

Some areas that I think adidas can improve.

  • Sound can be better at this price range.
  • App can be improved with better synchronization speed.
  • Firmware can be improved to be more independent of the app.
    • Currently, the directional button can be used to start/stop the music.
    • However, the customized Action Button cannot be used to play the customized playlist or album unless I turn on the adidas app.
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Overall, I believe if you are an adidas fan, you will love it. And I would think that it will be a good companion for sports enthusiasts. I can even imagine people using it during a marathon, thanks to its long battery life and sweat-proof design.

Press Release


  • adidas launches brand new headphones, combining cutting-edge tech with design credentials and pure sports performance
  • Co-created by athletes, the headphones were crafted to meet the specific needs of different sporting disciplines; in-ear is designed for the needs of runners, while on-ear is made for training
  • Both styles feature ergonomic and minimalist design, versatile for sports and everyday use
  • Both designs will be available in Singapore from February 2020

Singapore, February 14: Today, TC Acoustic announces the launch of game-changing adidas Sport headphones by adidas and Zound Industries, a collection that combines the latest in leading audio technology with the brand’s world-leading reputation for sport performance.

Anchored in human-centered design, with a focus on technology innovation, function and fit, adidas and Zound Industries are determined to give athletes at every level the ultimate audio experience, in any field of play. The collection premieres with two core headphones, each crafted to meet the needs of a different sporting discipline and yet, versatile enough to meet the demands of any workout. The adidas Creator athlete is Never On Pause; whether on the street, the gym or everyday life, they are constantly moving forward both physically and in spirit. Sport is constant, and so are they.

With co-creation embedded in adidas’ DNA, both styles were concepted and tested with the input of adidas’ creators. The result is a blend of intelligent design and visceral sound that supports everyday athletes at every step, from warm-up, to workout, right through recovery.

Ella Renneus, Designer at Zound Industries said, “Our starting point for adidas Sport headphones was the desire to match the unrivalled experience that adidas loyalists expect from their footwear and apparel. For every adidas product, empowering athletes to create in any field of play is paramount. This is so true for headphones, which have the power to enhance and really change day to day life.”

Both FWD-01 and RPT-01 feature knitted fabrics, in sync with the design aesthetic of adidas’ signature sportswear.

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FWD-01 is a sleek, intuitively designed pair of wireless in-ear headphones. Versatile and seamless enough for both gym and the streets, the FWD-O1 features:

  • Superior sound: Up to 16-hours playtime with auto-pause, passive transparency and super-fast USB-C charging
  • Made to measure: Interchangeable ear tips and wings for a perfect fit
  • No sweat: IPX4 rated sweat proof
  • Seamless: Knitted, tangle free cord with easy-to-use controls
  • Always ready: Magnetic earbuds for round-the-neck storage
  • Quick control: Easy-to-access control buttons allow for full control of all basic aspects of the headphones

RPT-01 is a fully equipped wireless on-ear headphone engineered to the meet the demands of any training routine head-on. The RPT-01 features:

  • Go the distance: Up to 40-hours playtime, with fast USB-C charging
  • Rinse & Repeat: Removable, washable knitted ear cushions and inner headband, made for constant use
  • Life in motion: Ergonomic design with 360° swivel for a fluid fit
  • No sweat: IPX4 rated sweat proof
  • Total control: Complete control with control knob on one side and a programmable Action button on the other

adidas fans can utilise the adidas Headphones app to connect their headphones and get a dashboard overview of its status from their mobiles. The app also allows for control and customisation of the adidas Sport headphones, letting users focus on their run or workout.

Christian Honegger, Chief Executive Officer of TC Acoustic, the official distributor of adidas Sport headphones in Singapore, added: “We’re thrilled to launch the collection in Singapore for adidas loyalists and sport-enthusiasts alike. The collection is borne from the adidas DNA, rooted in sport and the #NeverOnPause ethos. Athletes from all walks of life can now enjoy the rich sounding headphones that bring together the best in technology, design and experience.”

adidas Sport headphones are now available at TC Acoustic Showroom, Challenger stores as well as online at TC web-store, Lazada and

FWD-01 is available at a retail price of $249, and RPT-01 is available at a retail price of $299. For more information, head over to