Samsung Introduces New Products at Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED Event

Today, Samsung introduces new products at the Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED event held in New York. On the Singapore side, we have to endure the unearthly hours (4 am SGT) to discover what Samsung has to offer.

As with other events, there are already many leaks on their flagship products. Are they accurate? Let’s check them out.

Samsung announces a few products. They are the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+, and also other products like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 and the Galaxy Book S laptop.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

They come in two variant and two configurations. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 has a 6.3-inch screen and the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ has a 6.8-inch screen. Both are available in LTE or 5G variant.

Color-wise, there a variety of them to choose from.

Some highlights of the specs on Note10 and Note10+.

Here is the pricing in USD. I will update the Singapore pricing shortly.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ will be available from 23rd August.

More on the features of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+. It finally has a 45W Super Fast Charging feature. Many China makers are already embarking on such high-speed charging. Samsung is finally making the same direction.

Super Fast Charging

S Pen

The highlight of every Galaxy Note Series is always the S Pen. In the previous version, it can be used to trigger the camera shutter on the phone. Now, with Note10 and Note10+, Samsung has added more sensors and it is now capable of understanding gestures.

I think this is going to be a great feature.

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Pro Grade Video

Samsung has always been good with its video recording feature. With Note10, it has got even better.

It can even simulate bokeh on video. It is not new. However, looking at the presentation, the rendering is quite natural.

The next video feature is the zoom sound. Kudos to Samsung to implement this feature. When you zoom in on an object or event with sound, the sound will be adjusted accordingly.

Finally, my personal favorite, the video stabilization. It looks insane in the video. Not sure how much it will crop to get it stabilized.

AR (Augmented Reality)

And you can now scan an object and animate it. Looks similar to Huawei’s one but I think this is better and faster.

Check out how the 3D scan comes to live.

And Samsung is making full use of the AR feature. You can now make your own stickers by using the S Pen. In my opinion, it is interesting for some but not an innovation since a long time ago, you are able to do that on Instagram.

Check out the intro video of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note 10+

You can follow the link below for more information.

Click Here to Check Out Samsung Galaxy Note10

BTW, I did not follow the news of the latest Samsung Tab S6. Apparently, it is now supported by the S Pen.

Galaxy Watch Active2

There are a few variants and one of them is the collaboration between Samsung and Under Armour.

For those who missed the rotating bezel on the watch, good news. They are bringing it back. However, it will be digitally by sensors around the rim of the watch.

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Here is the pricing in USD.

Samsung Galaxy Book S

This is the final product that was introduced, the Samsung Galaxy Book S. It comes in two colors.

And is very light and slim.

The pricing starts at USD999.

And will be available from September. Not so far away from now.

Viewing the event, I think Samsung is making a strong statement to the consumers that they are good friends with many US companies and has much collaboration with them.

This is definitely a good way to boost the confidence of the consumers, given the current situation of Huawei and the US.