Grab App Officially on Huawei AppGallery

If you don’t know, now you do. Grab app is officially on Huawei AppGallery. I am sure many Huawei users will be delighted. It is one of the top apps that Huawei users want to have on AppGallery.

Here is my short hands-on on it.

One of the issues with using non-official versions is that when using Grab Transport, Google Maps will not load as there is no Google Maps on non-GMS-supported Huawei phones. So, instead of displaying maps, you may find an empty space (if you use other ways to download the Grab app).

With the official Grab version on AppGallery, you still do not have Google Maps. Instead, it is using Open-Source maps which does the job of displaying the location and showing the tracking properly.

Hopefully, we can get more official apps (SingPass, Microsoft apps and etc) for daily usage.

I am using a secondary phone number to test out the app. I have not tried out yet. Have you tried it out already?

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