HTC launches the waterproof HTC Butterfly 2

Finally, the HTC Butterfly 2 is official. As you might noticed, I am a supporter of HTC phones, especially the HTC Sense which makes Android a lot nicer to use.

One of the “complains” about HTC One (M8) is the low resolution of the rear camera (although they are using UltraPixels) and it is not waterproof. Now, with HTC Butterfly 2, it has all the features of the HTC One (M8) (except the metal body) and solved two of my biggest problems with some “perks”.

HTC Butterfly_2-all-colors

Some “extra” information about HTC Butterfly 2

From my understanding, all the colors are glossy except the white which is matte (not discussed in the Press Release). It is supposedly to withstand dirt on the surface.

It now comes with 13-MPX rear camera which is really a big upgrade. But you have to know that because it is not UltraPixel camera, the lowlight capability might not be comparable to HTC One (M8). Nevertheless, I have not seen the real thing or seen any good comparison between the two. I am going to hold my judgement.

The phone is a little thick (for today’s standard) at 9.99mm but it has something that I wanted. It is in compliance with IP5X & IPX5/7 standards which means it is dustproof and water resistant up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes.

Unlike the competitors, the earphone jack and the data/charging port of the HTC Butterfly 2 are exposed. There is no rubber packing to prevent water from going in. Therefore, it will be a breeze to charge your phone, transfer data, listen to music since there is no “cap” to prevent the water from going in.

You may think that this waterproofing is new, it is not. HTC Butterfly (first version) already has this feature. Check it out here.

Here is an unofficial version of the HTC Butterfly 2 going through some water test.

What is surprising is that HTC included the Dot View Case that is initially launched with HTC One (M8). I am not sure if it will be available when the phone is launched here.


In the press release, it mentioned 2nd September as the release in Taiwan but did not state clearly if Singapore is getting it on the same time frame. I am sure the date will not be far away.

Overall, I think this might be my HTC One (M7) replacement 🙂 . Here is the specifications of HTC Butterfly 2




  1. Available storage is less due to phone software, and subject to change based on phone software updates and apps usage.
  2. Network bands in regions may be different, depending on the mobile operator and your location. 4G LTE only available in select countries. Upload and download speeds also depend on the mobile operator.
  3. Battery times (talk time, standby time, and more) are subject to network and phone usage.
  4. A Standby time specification (“specification”) is an industry standard that is only intended to allow comparison of different mobile devices under the same circumstances. Power consumption in a standby state is strongly dependent on factors including but not limited to network, settings, location, movement, signal strength and cell traffic. Comparisons of different mobile devices using such a specification can therefore only be done in a controlled laboratory environment. When using any mobile device in real life circumstances for which the mobile device is intended, the standby time could be considerably lower and will be strongly dependent on the factors as mentioned above.
  5. In compliance with IP5X & IPX5/7 standards, dustproof and water resistant up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. Please find more information in the User Guide.

Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Press Release


HTC J butterfly HTL23 / HTC Butterfly 2 with Duo camera, HTC BoomSound and HTC Sense 6 offers a best-­‐in-­‐class experience, wrapped in an elegant, iconic design

Tokyo, Japan / Taipei, Taiwan, August 19, 2014 – HTC, a global leader in innovation and design, today announced the all new “HTC J butterfly HTL23” through KDDI to the Japanese market. It will also be marketed with the name “HTC Butterfly 2” through Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan, CSL in Hong Kong and significant carriers in South Asia. Packed with the latest HTC Sense 6 experience, HTC Duo Camera for advanced imaging, and an intuitive Motion Launch advanced sensor, the new HTC Butterfly 2 delivers an unparalleled smartphone experience.

With a Smart Sensor Hub that anticipates your needs and uses Motion Launch controls to make everyday tasks easier, HTC Butterfly 2 boasts Duo Camera technology, delivering creative, professional-looking photos with amazing effects in addition to new standards for audio quality on a smartphone with JBL, enhancing HTC’s innovative HTC BoomSound dual speaker sets.

au carrier aggregation

Offering au carrier aggregation, the new communication technology of au, HTC J butterfly HTL23 gives high speed communication up to150Mbps maximum receiving speed, in addition to supporting WiMAX2+.

Nogizaka 46, the product ambassadors of HTC J butterfly HTL23 said, “It was love at first sight for the HTC J butterfly HTL23. Its gorgeous colors, Rouge, Indigo and Canvas, enable the younger generation to showcase their fashion sense confidently and to stand out from the crowd. HTC J butterfly HTL23 is just like the best friend we can’t live without.”

Takashi Tanaka, President, KDDI said, “KDDI knows that our consumers always pursue perfection. Therefore, we chose the partner that we know will offer the best smartphones in the market. Since the HTC J series was released, it has become the most popular phone in our product portfolio. It is exciting that our consumers can experience the HTC J butterfly HTL23 with our advanced network service, such as WiMAX 2+ and 4G LTE carrier aggregation, which can use two frequencies at the same time.”

Kuo-Feng Lin, the President of Chunghwa Telecom Mobile Business Group said, “Continuing to raise the bar in HTC innovation, we are thrilled to team up again with HTC to bring another top-of-the-line HTC Butterfly phone to our customers. HTC Butterfly 2 is stylish and fashionable to its core with features our consumers will truly appreciate. We believe to integrate the innovation of HTC Butterfly 2 with the power of our advanced 4G LTE experience will allow users to enjoy high speed internet connection.”

Bruce Lam, CMO, CSL Mobile Limited said, “CSL is the largest mobile operator in Hong Kong, offering quality mobile services to customers. We are delighted to partner with HTC again to launch HTC Butterfly 2 with channel exclusivity. And our customers shall enjoy conveniences and safety on our mobile payment services.”

Peter Poh, Senior Managing Director, Ingram Micro Mobility said, “HTC is a leading mobile phone brand and we, at Ingram Micro Mobility, are excited about the upcoming HTC Butterfly 2 launch. The Butterfly 2 is a waterproof phone with some very special and unique features that I am confident will meet the needs of the customers. The HTC Sense 6 UI is easy and intuitive to use, the duo camera takes good photographs and the unique materials used on the surface of the HTC Butterfly 2 make this phone one of kind.”

Peter Chou, CEO, HTC said, “HTC is dedicated to combining innovative technologies and premium techniques to create the best smartphone which meets our consumers’ expectation. HTC Butterfly 2 follows HTC’s iconic design and globally acclaimed user experience. Its elegant appearance and fantastic performance will certainly provide consumers with the best experience ever.”

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A leap forward in smartphone imaging

HTC Butterfly 2 brings a totally different dimension to mobile imaging by combining Japan’s first smartphone with a Duo Camera that features a 13MP camera, a dual flash and Full 1080p HD Video Recording, producing incredible images and rich, high-quality video. A 5MP front-facing camera also captures superior quality photos, taking beautiful selfies with ease.

The Duo Camera boasts a depth sensor in addition to the main HTC 13MP camera, capturing detailed depth information from a scene and enabling a range of beautiful and creative effects that allow you to do more with your images than ever before.

Instantly create professional-looking portraits by altering the focus of your image after the photo has been taken with UFocus or make your subject stand out in a more surprising way by altering the background with creative effects using Foregrounder. You can also give your best shots a seasonal flavour using the Seasons animations. Copy & Paste lets you place your family and friends in a different photo entirely, while Dimension Plus™ presents a unique perspective on your photos by letting you view your image from a different angle by simply tilting the screen.

With much scope to create exciting imagery, Gallery organization has also been a priority for the designers of HTC Sense, who have introduced Image match, a visual search tool that intuitively moves all the photos containing a particular subject into one album.

Zoe makes photo sharing even more interesting

Zoe is now evolving into a brand new social network, based on media sharing and collaboration. A collaborative video editing tool, it enables people to create, share and remix beautiful highlight videos with their friends. Using Zoe’s elegantly simple user interface, people can choose the photos and videos they’d like to share, add a beautiful theme and the perfect soundtrack, and then publish their Zoe just moments after the experience.

Even better, friends can bring shared moments to life by inviting others to remix their videos, and by remixing theirs! Remixing enables people to choose the best photos and videos from everyone’s perspective to create the ultimate highlight video.”

Redefine the sound experience

The latest HTC BoomSound technology creates an immersive, powerful, crystal-clear sound with rich tones from bass through to treble. Delivering sound that is 25% louder than the HTC One, without compromising quality, HTC Butterfly 2 has dual frontal stereo speakers with a new amplifier, redesigned speaker chambers and a tailored audio profile for a truly high definition experience.

HTC redefine the way people listen to music. Through our collaboration with HARMAN, HTC J butterfly HTL23 / HTC Butterfly 2 features “LiveStage™ Signal Processing Technology1”, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and comes bundled with exclusively designed JBL in-ear-headphones in Japan.

HTC BlinkFeed – Your news direct to your home screen

HTC BlinkFeed is now more intuitive, with continuous scrolling for a fluid browsing experience, adaptable tiles and a new layout that presents articles in a clean, easy-to-read way. With the introduction of a new SDK that allows partners to integrate their own content, users can more easily find and subscribe to new media sources, in addition to instantly creating custom feeds on any topic.

So whether you are into sports, movies or shopping, this feature ensures that you will get the information most relevant to you. With News Bundles that bring all articles and tweets on the same topic together for easy reading now clearly categorised on one page, following the most interesting news couldn’t be simpler.

Motion Launch – Convenient gestures controlled shortcuts

With the introduction of HTC Sense 6, HTC Butterfly 2 boasts capabilities that give the product a sixth sense. For example, Motion Launch is immediately able to detect its position and movement, thanks to built-in motion sensors that allow you to interact with the phone without turning on the screen. A simple swipe will activate the device, Auto Answer allows you to answer a call by putting the phone to your ear without touching the screen – a handy tool if the phone rings when you are digging the garden or washing the dishes – and a double tap turns the lock screen on and off.

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HTC Dot View case – Protect your phone with retro flair (at au collection line up)

Taking that sixth sense functionality one step further you can extend Motion Launch by double tapping the dot view case, in addition to checking the time, weather, new texts, emails and calls – without touching or revealing the screen. An outstanding phone deserves a case that protects and extends its innovative design and industry-leading functionality. Optimised by HTC Sense 6, the new HTC Dot View phone case protects the screen, whilst displaying notifications and interactions in a retro, dot-matrix style.

Extreme Power Saving Mode – Extra standby time at no extra cost

The innovation doesn’t end there, as we are also changing how people use their phone battery. HTC optimised power consumption so that you could get the most out of your phone. Whilst normal power saving mode delivers a great experience, we have also included an Extreme power saving mode that makes your battery last even longer.

Regional Availability

HTC Butterfly 2 will be available in Taiwan on September 2nd, and it will also be sold through major wireless carriers and retailers in the following markets: Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand.

For more information of HTC J butterfly HTL23 availability, please check with Japan local carrier.

About HTC

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1 LiveStage™ is currently featured on the models sold in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong only.