OPPO Launches Reno Series with 10x Zoom

OPPO launches the much anticipated OPPO Reno Series on 25th April 2019. One of the models is the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom which uses a periscope Telephoto lens to achieve 10x Hybrid zoom.

Sounds familiar? That is because HUAWEI P30 Pro is also using a periscope telephoto lens to achieve 10x Hybrid zoom. The only difference, I believe, is HUAWEI P30 Pro pushes further to zoom up to 50 times (digital zoom) while the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom stops at 10 times zoom.

BTW, OPPO launches two models – the Standard Edition OPPO Reno and the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom.

Personally, I have not seen or touched the OPPO Reno Series. Based on specs, the tri-camera system of the Reno 10x Zoom is similar to the setup of HUAWEI’s P30 Pro.

The front-facing camera of the Reno Series is cleverly hidden by a mechanism.

Here is the description of this mechanism. Note that some sensors, including the rear flash are housed in this hidden structure.

The front camera, Front-facing Soft Light, receiver and rear flash are all cleverly housed within the compact rising structure. The pivot structure movement is incredibly intricate, first moving fast then slow. Less mechanical, more graceful. All of this is accomplished in 0.8s and in absolute silence.

Another interesting feature is the rear camera setup. It is flat. There is no protruding part on the back. Quite a feat with a 9mm (9.3mm for the Reno 10x Zoom) thin body.

Here are the specs of both models for your easy reference.

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