MySight360 VR Cam Doesn’t Do 360 Video But is Awesome (video)

The name of this product is MySight360 VR Camera but you will not be getting 360 video as it covers only 240 degree. However, what is really bad-ass on this product is the software. It is able to stabilize the video horizontal no matter how shaky it might seem. If you are hiking, biking or doing stuff that is shaky, this camera is here to help. With its very small footprint, you can bring it everywhere.


However, as this is a Kickstarter project, do not expect to get it soon. It is undergoing development and might be able to deliver based on their timeline. Looking at the video, MySight360 VR Camera really helps to stabilize the video. However, at the expense of quality (even though it shoots in 4K video).

Go check out their project page now

If you are fast, you can still get it at USD169.

Press Release

MySight360, World’s First Wearable VR Camera for Hiking, Launches on Kickstarter

With MySight360 you can free your hands and truly enjoy the moment!

LOS ANGELES, CA. December 5, 2016 – Sightour, an innovative social picture sharing startup announces the crowdfunding launch of their newest product, MySight360. The campaign starts on December 5, 2016 and will run for 45 days at . The MySight360 will retail for $299, but during the campaign, limited early bird rewards will be available for as low as $169.

MySight360 is amazingly convenient. Weighing at only 3 ounces, it can be worn anytime anywhere and anyway. And no matter how unstable or out of position the camera may be, with MySight360’s advance horizontal calibration it creates ultra stable videos for those memorable moments. Patent-pending horizontal calibration demonstration video:

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MySight360’s goal is to truly allow for the sharing of the individual memorable experience, therefore was designed to solve three main hiking pain points:

  1. Wearable – When hiking we understand the importance of traveling light and freeing the hands from excess gear to be able to engage with nature. MySight360’s clip-on water-resistant design allows for easy fixed attachment, whether it is on the strap, front pocket, or cap. Its built-in LifeLog function will automatically record 10 seconds every 3 minutes, optimizing battery management.
  2. Immersive video experience – To capture all the beauty nature has to offer, MySight360 records in 4K quality at 240 degrees with built-in horizontal calibration function, minimizing the dizziness we can from watching videos from other cameras.
  3. A.I. highlight video creation – After a full day of hiking, the last thing we want to do is to spend countless hours editing/stitching the final video. With just one touch, MySight360’s App can help you quickly curates the highlights of the trip within the right length you specify for sharing on social media. Sample video:

The campaign has a goal of $60,000 and will begin reward fulfillment in April 2017. The various reward pledges include:

  • An Early Bird option for $169, 43% of retail price
  • Kickstarter Special for $189, 37% off retail price
  • Exclusive hiking, biking, car, family pet Early Bird Pack for only $199
  • Deluxe Pack, has all the accessories you can imagine for $239

“MySight360 takes VR recording convenience to a whole new level,”say Jimmy Sun, product imagineer of MySight360. “We wanted our users to be able to free their hands and truly enjoy the moment. And be able to create awesome personalized video without all the hassles. So go ahead, with MySight360, push all boundaries and let your videos speak volumes for you.”

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For more information, visit

Kickstarter campaign page:


Twitter: @MySight360

About Sightour

Sightour was founded by Jimmy Sun in March of 2014. MySight360 team is made up of advance video processing engineers, full-stack application developers, and hardware integrators. Aside from the technical expertise, they are also a group of hiking fanatics on a mission to improve the overall hiking experience with technology and innovation.