This Image Might be from HUAWEI P30 Pro with Quad Camera

I think this image is from the HUAWEI P30 Pro that is slated to be released next month in Paris. It was posted by Huawei¬†Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu, on the 19th February 2019 on his Weibo’s account.

Cropped image of the photo posted by
Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO, Richard Yu

This is a reduced-size of the original photo.

As you can see from the bottom left of the picture, the watermark with the model of the smartphone had been partially masked off. On the second line, it shows a “QU” which I presume that it is spelled as “QUAD CAMERA”.

So, if the assumption is correct, it should be the HUAWEI P30 Pro with Leica Quad Camera. What do you think? Here is a close up of the words.

If you wish to see the actual picture, click on the link below. BTW, based on the pixels, it seems to be set at 10 megapixels resolution.

Click Here to Check Out the Original IMage

Now, I really hope that one of the cameras is a powerful zoom lens.

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