Huawei Introduces the 5G HUAWEI Mate X Foldable Phone

Huawei today introduces a few products in Barcelona just ahead of the MWC 2019 event that is taking place this week. They are the new Huawei MateBook X Pro, Huawei MateBook in 13-inch and 14-inch. However, I believe many who are there are only interested in this product, the first foldable phone from Huawei – The HUAWEI Mate X.

As you may already saw the trend, the next generation of smartphones are foldable and with 5G connectivity. The HUAWEI Mate X has both of these components and Huawei is definitely not shy to compare it with competitors.

Here is how it looks like with the front and back of the phone. It has a 6.6-inch screen on the front and a 6.38-inch screen on the rear. When it is opened up, it has a 8-inch screen with a screen ratio of 8:7.1 (almost a square).

When folded, you can see the difference in screen size amongst the competitors (although I think that Apple should not even be compared here).

Here is a comparison on the Huawei Mate X and the Samsung Galaxy Fold when unfolded.

If you noticed, Huawei and Samsung has a different approach when making a foldable phone. Huawei uses 2 screens while Samsung uses 3. What is common is that both companies took time to perfect the hinge.

In Huawei’s Mate X, you are looking at the Falcon Wing Design which, according to Richard Yu, took 3 years to design and perfect.

It helps to retain zero gap when the Mate X is folded and has over 100 components in it.

Currently, Huawei is making the HUAWEI Mate X only in one color – Interstellar Blue

And they also cleverly design a casing to protect it. I think this is really needed given the fact that when it is folded, the screen is going to be exposed to the elements near the edge.

Next, the internal in this Mate X. It has the bell and whistles with Huawei’s latest technology inside it, starting with the 5G modem.

Together with Balong 5000 and Kirin 980, it makes a perfect match.

Here is a summary of the Mate X.

And it comes with Dual SIM with one capable of 5G. If you need more storage, just remove one SIM and put in the Huawei NM Card.

I will try not to be an expert here. Here is the claim by Huawei on the NSA&SA Network Architecture. Mate X supports both.

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If you think that the 40W SuperCharging on HUAWEI Mate20 is impressive, Huawei introduces the new 55W Super Charge. Love this.

Here is a scenario comparing the Huawei 55W SuperCharge with the iPhone Xs Max. It takes just 30 minutes to charge up to 85% on a 4,500mAh battery. Impressive.

And this is even more impressive. The charger on the HUAWEI Mate X can be used to charge laptops, and not just Huawei laptops (up to 65W).

This is the (almost) finale during the event.

Of course, we need to know the price, right? Here are the pricing and availability of the HUAWEI Mate X. Not sure if Singapore will get it or not. It is really expensive at 2,299 Euro (Approx. SGD3,528)

Check out the official photos of the HUAWEI Mate X.

Back view of the HUAWEI Mate X

Close up of the USB-C charging and data port.

Here is the Official Press Release

Press Release

Huawei Launches HUAWEI Mate X, the World’s Fastest 5G Foldable Phone

BARCELONA, Spain—February 24, 2019—At Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019, Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG) unveiled the the World’s Fastest 5G Foldable Phone, HUAWEI Mate X, redefining smartphone design with a foldable form factor. Reflecting the innovative DNA of the HUAWEI Mate Series, the HUAWEI Mate X features the Falcon Wing Mechanical Hinge, 7nm multi-mode modem chipset Balong 5000, a high-capacity 4500mAh battery supporting the world’s fastest 55W HUAWEI SuperCharge and the brand new Interstellar Blue finish. When folded, the device is a huge display smartphone with a 6.6-inch screen, and when opened, it turns into a slim tablet with an 8-inch screen. The new multi-form factor revolutionizes both productivity and entertainment experiences on a mobile device.

Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei CBG, said, “The HUAWEI Mate X’s revolutionary form factor is achieved by Huawei’s relentless effort in R&D. It represents a voyage into the uncharted. As a new breed of smartphones, HUAWEI Mate X combines 5G, foldable screen, AI and an all-new mode of interfacing to provide consumers with an unprecedented user experience. The HUAWEI Mate X will be the first key for consumers to open the door to 5G smart living.”

Falcon Wing Mechanical Hinge Strikes a Balance Between Technology and Aesthetics

A result of Huawei’s bold testing with novel smartphone form factors, the 2-in-1 smartphone and tablet HUAWEI Mate X features a high strength flexible OLED panel and a falcon wing mechanical hinge.

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The 6.6-inch dual display panel equipped on the HUAWEI Mate X is a true FullView display. When unfolded, it transforms into an 8-inch tablet only 5.4mm thick. Images are displayed with great clarity and detail, and the panel itself is safe, durable and features outstanding cooling performance.

As light as it is appealing, the foldable smartphone comes in a new Interstellar Blue that epitomizes the beauty of technology and sets a higher bar for future smartphones.

With an exemplary design that blends style with technology, the revolutionary Falcon Wing Mechanical Hinge supports movement, balancing between the overall aesthetics and technology. When unfolded, the screen is a perfectly flat surface; and when folded, the two halves of the screen fit snugly to the frame. The two modes—smartphone and tablet modes—transition seamlessly from one to another.

5G Smart Living with a Bigger Screen

HUAWEI Mate X is a multi-form factor that unlocks a new page of 5G interfacing era to reinvent productivity and entertainment. The innovative flexible OLED foldable FullView display, unique falcon wing mechanical hinge and the industry’s best 5G modem chipset Balong 5000 combine to deliver a new mode of interfacing, in which the large-screen experience and portability co-exist in harmony.

The expansive viewing area lends well to both productivity and entertainment scenarios—everything from editing a document to reading feels better on a larger screen. In addition, consumers are able to drag images from their photo gallery to their emails in split-screen mode. The larger screen allows consumers to do more with their time.

Huawei’s flagship smartphones have always come with powerful cameras, and the HUAWEI Mate X is no different. Inside the smartphone’s slim body is the latest Leica cameras, supporting the most advanced imaging features to date. The foldable design makes it possible for the camera system to play the role of both front and rear cameras. When folded, the HUAWEI Mate X shows a view finder on both sides, so even the subjects in the frame can contribute to the creative process.

Moreover, the HUAWEI Mate X comes with an integrated Fingerprint Power Button that enables users to power up the device with one tap, offering a secure and convenient experience.

Powered by Next-Generation 5G Modem Chipset

Equipped with the world’s first 7nm 5G multi-mode modem chipset Balong 5000, the chipset has unprecedented 5G download speeds, at 4.6Gps on the Sub-6GHz band (theoretical). Balong 5000 is also the world’s first chipset to support both SA and NSA architectures, users will not need a device upgrade to continue enjoying 5G connectivity. The HUAWEI Mate X’s dual SIM feature supports both 4G and 5G.

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Massive Battery Supporting HUAWEI SuperCharge

A new, purpose-designed 4,500mAh battery is packed in HUAWEI Mate X’s 5.4mm-thick body, combined with the AI smart power saving technology, fulfilling the demand for greater battery performance in the 5G era. 55W HUAWEI SuperCharge tops the battery up quickly to minimize downtime for those who prefer a fast-paced lifestyle. In just 30 minutes, HUAWEI SuperCharge is able to charge the battery back to 85 percent.

At MWC 2019, Huawei launched a series of new products, including the an updated HUAWEI MateBook X Pro, new mainstream notebook PCs HUAWEI MateBook 13 and HUAWEI MateBook 14, as well as the HUAWEI 5G CPE Pro. At the advent of the 5G era, Huawei is committed to delivering new all-scenario smart living experiences to consumers.

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