Huawei P30 Pro and P30 Leaked by Spigen?

I wonder if I should call it a leak or not because Spigen (the case maker) is actually selling the Huawei P30 Pro and P30 casing ahead of the official launch.

First of all, Huawei did not officially announce that their next flagship product is called the P30 Series. Based on the rumors, many think that it should be so.

Spigen seems to be the first to “officially” announce that the next Huawei flagship phone will be called the Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei P30, based on their product page.

There is no information on the specs. However, based on the pictures provided by Spigen, we can see that both the P30 Pro and P30 has the DewDrop Display for the front-facing camera. I was expecting a cutout type front-facing camera that Samsung might have it on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 Series.

And on one of the Spigen products (the case wallet for P30 Pro), we can see that there is no headphone jack. We can only see the USB-C port, microphone and the grill for the speaker.

If these renders are true, Huawei might have given up the big notch and grill-less speaker that is present on the current Mate20 Pro.

One of the biggest differences between the P30 Pro and P30 is the camera. Seems like the P30 Pro will have 4 rear cameras in a vertical format and the flash will be next to the rear cameras.

And if they are accurate, Huawei might have shifted the 3D depth sensors to the rear. This might actually be good if you are into the 3D Live Maker which can transform physical objects (e.g. soft toy) into a 3D avatar.

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On the current Mate20 Pro, which has the 3D sensors on the front, you need to utilize the front-facing camera to scan the object, which is a challenge to do it properly.

From the pictures, the absence of the physical fingerprint sensor could only means that the P30 Series might have the on screen fingerprint sensor. And based on speculation, we might be seeing Kirin 980 chipset.

Not sure what else has been change and what are the specs for the 4 rear cameras. I am looking forward to the Huawei P30 Series launch which is speculated to be in March 2019.

In the meanwhile, we just have to wait a little while for Huawei to announce a foldable device (maybe with 5G) during the upcoming MWC (Mobile World Congress)