Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED 2019 and Leaked Pic of S10 Series

The day is almost there. Will Samsung be able to wow the World with their latest smartphones? Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED event is happening on the 20th February (21st Singapore Time) in San Francisco.

You can now go to their website to register your interest so that you can get the latest news.

Click Here to Register Your Interest for Samsung Galaxy UNPACKED event

Based on the big 10 on the video invite, you might already guess that the next smartphone model will be Samsung GALAXY S10 Series. Of course, nothing is confirmed officially.

Based on my trusted Evan Blass, you might be seeing these phones on that day – (L to R) S10E, S10 and S10+ with casing on.

What you cannot see from the picture is the front screen. Thankfully, Reddit user posted a low res pic on what was speculated as the Samsung Galaxy S10 or S10 Plus.

It is difficult to see details from the low res picture. However, you can distinctly see a cutout on the top right corner. We are presuming that it is the front facing camera(s) embedded onto the screen (welcome to 2019).

As for the shape of the device, it is hard to see as it has a casing on. I am looking forward to the launch date. Until then, we can only speculate all the good things we might see on these smartphones.

What is your wish list?