Transform Your Whiteboard into a Smart Board (video)

Have you tried taking a picture of the content on your whiteboard but got frustrated due to the reflection from the lights? You are not alone and I am going to share with you how you can deal with it.

Tip #1

There is a free app that you can use to remove those reflections. It is called Photoscan by Google Photos (iOS, Android)

Basically, the app takes 4 photos in different angles and combined them into a single picture, which magically remove those reflections. It works really well and simple enough to use.

Tip #2

This company, Rocketbook, has been making some awesome products and I have been using them.

Recently, they made another product that I think I really need them. It is called the Rocketboard.

Basically, it is 4 suction pads that you can stick to a whiteboard to define the 4 corners.

The magic is the app. By using the app, it can transfer your whiteboard content into a digital format with the press of the button.

And you can control where to share this content. For example, you can link it to a Dropbox, OneNote, GoogleDrive and etc.

It is difficult to explain. So, let this video does the talking.

I have not tried out the Rocketboard yet. The experiences that I shared is based on their previous products which have the same concept.

From my observation, as you can take a picture from an oblique angle, you should be able to eliminate the reflections from the ceiling lights.

The product is now on Kickstarter and a single pack is USD12 with USD4 for shipment to Singapore. Go and check it out.

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Click Here to Check Out Rocketboard