You Can Buy the Creative SXFI Air Now

I am super excited. I have been waiting for the release of Creative SXFI Air for some time already. Finally, the pricing is out and you can order it immediately (in Singapore).

If you are wondering what is SXFI and what is SXFI Air, here are some explanation.

What is SXFI Technology?

SXFI is the technology from Creative Labs to make the sound pop out around you (3D sound). It uses an app to map your head and using Creative’s technology to deliver the holographic audio to your ears. Click Here to learn more about it.

Here is my first impression on their product – SXFI Amp

Following the release of the SXFI Amp, Creative releases another product, the SXFI Air C. I did not even know it existed until it was launched just before Christmas. This product is like the SXFI Air but with cable.

So what is SXFI Air?

It is an over-ear headset that incorporates the SXFI technology and can link to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It has a detachable microphone (NanoBoom Mic) to receive calls and an SD card slot for you to listen to your favorite music minus the connection to any devices.

During the launch of the SXFI Amp, the iPhone users were not able to enjoy the product (unless you do a workaround).

This SXFI Air is to bridge the gap and allows iPhone users (as well as Android users) to enjoy this technology.

Finally, just after the New Year, Creative sends out the information that the Creative SXFI Air is available. I ordered immediately.

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However, do take note that the delivery of this Creative SXFI Air is in May 2019. That will be a few months later. Not sure why but at least I have ordered mine.

Click Here to Check Out Creative SXFI Air

BTW, not everyone shares my enthusiasm on the SXFI technology. Some preferred to listen without it. I love to use it to watch “live” recordings as it feels that you are there to witness it.