Keyto To Help You with Your Keto Diet

If you are looking for a way to reduce weight as part of your New Year resolution, you might have stumbled upon Keto Diet. It is like the “in” thing right now.

For those who know, the key to Keto diet is to get your body into Ketosis state. That is when your body starts to burn fats (and hence reduce your weight).

However, to know if your body is in Ketosis state, you will need some help. From what I know, some have bought urine strips to analysis the pee to determine the state of their body (via the color on the strip). I think it is troublesome. Don’t you think so?

What if I tell you, there is an easier way to find out the state of your body. Check out Keyto (disclaimer: I have not used the product yet but I have already ordered one).

It is a simple device to help you determine the state of your body. Just a single blow onto the device, it will help to analyse your breath and will show you your Keyto level. A “10” means your body is in deep ketosis and maximum fats burn.

Keyto uses proven techniques to measure acetone in your breath to determine how prime your body is for burning fat. The metabolic state is known as Ketosis”

I have not done Ketogenic Diet before. The closest that I do is to cut down on carbo food (i.e. rice, noodle) and I can see some changes on my body (in a good way). I think Keto diet can help to reduce weight. That is why I am so excited about this product. I want my body to be always burning fats :).

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I don’t know the Keto Diet industry well. However, based on this table, it seems that the Keyto device is value for money. Plus, you can join their community and get more information on Keto related matters.

Check out this introductory video.

Not sure when my Keyto gadget will arrive. I really hope to get it soon. If you are interested, do check out this link below (there is still early-bird pricing but the campaign will end soon).

Click Here to Check Out Keyto on Indiegogo

If you have been practicing Keto Diet, do let me know if this device is good or not (based on the information on their website). Many thanks in advance.