Qoo10 Releases Top 10 Milk Powder Brands in Singapore

If you are a parent, don’t you want to know which milk powder brands are the most popular in Singapore? Of course, do not blindly follow the crowd. The content in the milk powder is actually the most important. The chart is just a basic information to let you choose amongst the brands.

This chart is provided by Qoo10 based on their data in April. Now, you know what the top brands are in Singapore, based on Qoo10. Check out the Press Release for more details.

Press Release

Qoo10 Releases Consumer Data on Milk Powder Brands

Consumer trends and technologies provide number of opportunities for brands 

May 28, 2018, Singapore – Data collected by Qoo10 reveals that milk powder is now one of the most popular products that most parents buy online. According to Qoo10 statistics, Nan, Enfagrow/Enfamil and Similac have emerged as the top three best-selling milk powder brands sold on its platform in April. These three brands were clear favourites of Qoo10’s fast increasing consumer base, and made up a significant portion of Qoo10’s total milk powder revenue in April, which amounted to about $1.2 million.

“With today’s wide range of options, consumers are increasingly prioritizing good prices when it comes to shopping online. With this in mind, it is important for us to retain our competitive product pricing in order to meet these consumer needs. This will hopefully result in continued good sales across a variety of brands on our platform,“ said HyunWook Cho, Country Manager, Qoo10 Singapore.

Aside from competitive prices, Qoo10 is also working towards revamping consumer experience by ensuring good product range, convenience and value for money options on its online marketplace. In doing so, Qoo10 is working with retailers and brand owners, while also implementing measures to improve convenience, such as letting consumers opt for its quickest three-hour delivery or next day delivery.

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“Good prices are just the first step. Moving forward, we will be looking at improving the overall consumer experience. Consumers today want to be able to shop anytime, anywhere, and that is exactly what we aim provide them with, especially after getting to understand their specific needs and purchasing patterns through data analytics, so that we can constantly work towards serving them better,” Cho added.

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Low prices have always been part of Qoo10’s business strategy, where shoppers can enjoy discounts and savings up to 70% off from the original retail price on participating products through limited time promotional deals such as Daily Deals, Time Sales and Group Buy.

Cart and Shop Coupons

Qoo10 shoppers can also enjoy further shopping rewards in the form of coupons. Periodically, Qoo10 issues weekly cart coupons or in the event of a sale event such as Qoo10 Super Sale. Qoo10 merchants can also choose to issue seller shop coupons for shoppers to enjoy further discounts on the merchants’ listed products.

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Qoo10 seeks to provide shoppers with a seamless and fun online shopping experience. Live10 mobile app includes Qoo10’s MameGo!, a GPS-enabled interactive game which is similar to the PokemonGo! Game concept, where Qoo10 shoppers are given 10 ‘Mameballs’ on a daily basis to capture ‘Mamemons’ which in turn can be exchanged for direct discounts, coupons or Qpoints.

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