Highlights at CEE 2018

In just a few days, CEE (Consumer Electronics Exhibition) 2018 will open its door to consumers. If you are a bargain hunter, a geek enthusiast, a shopaholic or someone who just needed some gadgets, here are the highlights of the CEE 2018. Let’s see if it is worth your time and effort to visit it.


From 24th to 27th May 2018, CEE 2018 will be held at Suntec Singapore occupying level 3 and level 4. The operating time is 11 am to 9 pm for level 3 and 12 pm to 9 pm for level 4. Please take note.


There are many activities during CEE 2018. Here are the highlights.

  • Spend & Redeem
    • Spend and redeem gifts
  • CEE Purchase with Purchase Super Deal!
    • Spend above $250 in a single or maximum of 3 combined receipts and get to purchase a range of special products at a special price
  • Hero Products
    • Hero Products with min. 50% discount will be rolled out and updated on CEE’s website and facebook page at 11am every day (24 – 27 May )
  • Sure-Win Instant Lucky Spin
    • Up to $300,000 worth of attractive prizes ranges from notebooks, high-end sound systems, IP cameras, robotic vacuum cleaners, e-mobility vehicles, printers, headphones, many more prizes and vouchers to be won
  • Trade-in Old PCs, Notebooks, Tablets and Smart Phones
    • Trade-in your old and faulty gadgets in exchange for cash vouchers purchases in CEE 2018
  • Trade-in Old TV and Cameras
    • Trade in program is open for customer to trade in their old/used* TV  to spend at CEE 2018
  • Trade-in Old Gaming Consoles and Software
    • Trade-in your old gaming consoles, portables and games for cash vouchers* to spend at CEE 2018
  • Trade-in any E-Mobility
    • Trade in your existing E-mobility to get rebates up to $300 for your next E-mobility purchase. Only available at Level 4, Booth 8513, Mobot.
  • Trade-in Backpacks by Challenger
    • Trade-in at Challenger’s booth 301 and get a $20 off on TARGUS or STM Backpacks
  • Starbuys
    • Sneak previews to the hottest deals for laptops, tablets, cameras, audio headsets, e-scooters and many more
  • FREE CH2 Screen Protectors
    • FREE up to 300 pieces screen protectors with any new smart phones and tablets purchase in the CEE Show
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Remember to head down to their official website for more information

CEE 2018 Official Website

Have fun!