Check out what illnesses is in your neigborhood with free MHC Live map

When you see the map with patches of red, yellow, orange and green, you may think it is a game or a scene from some epidemic movies. It is not but in some sense, it resembles them. I am talking about this MHC (Make Health Connect) Live Map. It maps out the area based on the illnesses.


For example, recently, our air quality is not that fantastic, and based on a one month data, you can see that respiratory related illness are almost everywhere across the island. This map, is the effort of doctors in the network  (about 1,200 clinics) who submitted the details online. It is updated hourly.

I think there is nothing like this before. This information is based on real information and not on some populated queries on the diseases itself.

Click Here to Check Out the MHC Live map

or click here to read more information from the Straits Times (premium section). Kudos to MHC founder Low Lee Yong for this initiative. 


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