OPPO Launches OPPO R15 Series in Singapore (Video)

OPPO has launched the OPPO R15 series in Singapore. And as with many companies in the World, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is one of the highlights in these phones – the OPPO R15 and the OPPO R15 Pro. Both of them come with the infamous notch that either you will love or hate.


The Event

The event was held at Zouk Singapore. I saw many social influencers and tech journalists. Here is a short video that I shot at Zouk.

These are the OPPO R15 in different colors. Notice the fingerprints? Yes, it is a fingerprint magnet because of its glass back.

Mr. Stefen Chow, a professional photographer, who uses the OPPO R15 to shoot many beautiful portrait shots. He is sharing his experience of using the camera on the OPPO R15.

This is Tosh, a local celebrity, trying out the photo booth.

And here is another picture of him with Stefen and the OPPO team.


If you pre-order before 24th May, you will be able to get the backpack worth S$139.

Pricing and Availability

The pricing for OPPO R15 is S$749 and OPPO R15 Pro is S$899

Feature Highlights

One of the strengths of OPPO is the phone camera, specifically selfie camera or beauty camera. It is no exception that the OPPO R15 series does that very well.

And since everyone is talking about AI, let’s talk AI. The OPPO R15 has AI that can recognize scenes and adjust to the optimum settings quickly.

Another interesting feature is the Facial Detection. It can analyze up to 296 facial features. No wonder I can unlock my review set so easily and fast.

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Now, they will try to guess the gender, age and etc. Not sure if this is a good thing.

The next feature is something that many manufacturers are starting to do. Although they might be called a different name, the effect is similar. For OPPO, it is the 3D Lighting Effects. It is similar to Portrait feature on iPhone, or the 3D Portrait on Huawei P20 Pro.

Basically, you can manipulate the lightings via the software.

For your information, there are two versions of OPPO R15 – R15 and the R15 Pro.

Here is a glimpse of the specs for R15

And here are the specs for R15 Pro.

There are some other differences between the R15 and R15 Pro.:

  • There is NFC on R15 Pro
  • There is water resistant on the R15 Pro.

BTW, both have no wireless charging feature. I thought that it is a waste that they did not incorporate this feature in it,

I am now doing a review on this phone. Might post again 2 weeks later. In the meanwhile…

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