You Can Now Subscribe to Monthly Undies Delivery

Guys, if you think too much on your undies every day, here is the solution. Bundies, a men’s underwear brand in Asia, is launching soon. And they are having a subscription model where fresh undies will be sent to you monthly or bi-monthly.

I am not sure about you but I don’t replace my underwear so often. If you don’t think subscription is right for you, you can only purchase as and when you need online. It is free delivery in Singapore and Hong Kong.

The company has put in a lot of emphasis on comfort. Check out the Press Release on how they measure the comfort level.

Press Release


SINGAPORE, [January , 2018] – We are Bundies, the first subscription-based men’s underwear brand in Asia that is launching its first collection on 26th January 2018. We conceptualised Bundies as a brand that is synonymous with style, fun, quality, comfort and convenience. We deliver well-designed undies that are exceedingly comfortable, fairly-priced and sustainable, all with a simple click of a button.


Bundies was born of our vision to inspire men from all walks of life to be comfortable in their own skin. Every pair of Bundies underwear promises true comfort so that you can take on the world.

Co-Founders: Wouter Muis and Benk Visscher

“As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how important it is to be comfortable in my own skin. From this comfort, I find the confidence to pursue my goals and dreams. Bundies is created exactly for men who see the big picture and want to chase their dreams. We want everyone to feel that boost of confidence every morning when you step into a pair of undies – because you know that Bundies assures premiere quality and great designs that keep you comfortable throughout the day.”- Benk Visscher, Co-Founder

Just like you, we struggled to find a pair of high-quality underwear that is ultra-comfortable, made of sustainably-sourced fabrics and fairly-priced. Every man seeks comfort and convenience in his choice of undies, and is loyal to a brand he trusts and loves. That is why Bundies was incepted with an offering of high-quality products via a simple online shopping experience, saving you time and the hassle of having to physically shop for undies. Your comfort and confidence will be well taken care of with us, so you have the time to focus on the things you truly love to do.

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Bundies underwear comes in three styles – Knitted Trunks, Knitted Boxers and Woven Boxers.
We promise you the most comfortable underwear with flattering cuts and soft, stretchy Elastane Jersey waistbands that will not leave a mark. Convinced that a care label on the inside of your undies should be informative and not annoying, our Bundies care labels are printed directly on the undies – not by adding an extra fabric.

Making sure that your comfort is sustainable, Bundies uses the highest quality sustainable certified fabrics such as the Lenzing Modal® fabric and 100% Organic Cotton that has a low impact on the environment.

Harvested from sustainable beechwood forestry plantations in Europe, the low fibre rigidity and cross-section of Lenzing Modal® fibres ensures utmost softness in a completely natural way. Measurements of the softness factor show that Lenzing Modal® fibres are twice as soft as cotton.

Softness scale according to the Kawabata method (Kawabata Evaluation Systems for Fabrics):


For its woven cotton pieces, Bundies uses 100% Organic Cotton. The agricultural methods and materials are sustainable and produces a low impact on the environment to promote biologically diverse agriculture. Therefore, you could always be sure that your Bundies are safe, comfortable and ecologically responsible.

The Knitted Trunks are available in three Classic colours, Dark Navy, White and Black. For those who are looking for something more playful, we offer Funky designs like the Squares Green and Dots Blue. The leg design is specially crafted to prevent the fabric from riding up your leg, coupled with the no-roll waistband made of Elastane Jersey that is lightweight, durable and resistant to moisture.

In celebration of the incoming Year of the Dog, we have also released a limited-edition Year of the Dog print in auspicious Red and Yellow. You’ll never run out of luck with these Bundies!

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The Knitted Boxers comes in two Smart prints, Bundies Green and Dots Navy. Your comfort is guaranteed with a tailored fit that boasts a two-way stretch technology coupled with the incredibly soft Lenzing Modal® fabric and fabric-covered Elastane Jersey waistband. It is the perfect underwear to kick-back and chill in.

The Woven Boxers comes in two Breezy prints, Trees Blue and Leaves Grey. Made from 100% highly-breathable Organic Cotton which is sweat absorbent. These undies keep you cool in the sweltering heat while retaining its shape and quality with each wear. This design includes two side vents and a super soft waistband that promises extreme comfort.

Available in individual pairs or a multi-pack of three or six, our undies retail at S$32 for a single pair of classic Knitted Trunks in basic colours, S$36 for a pair of Knitted Trunks in prints or Knitted Boxers or Woven Boxers, S$85 for a pack of three classic Knitted Trunks in basic colours, S$95 for a pack of three Boxers in prints and S$179 for a pack of six Woven Boxers.


If internet sources are anything to go by, the average person makes up to 35,000 decisions a day. At Bundies, we believe that those decisions are best left for the most crucial things in life, making the best ones in pursuit of your dreams. So why not leave the smaller details to us?

The first of its kind in Asia, the Bundies Subscription model sends you the most comfortable undies monthly or bi-monthly – you decide. If you are not one to commit, fret not, you are free to change, skip or cancel your subscription at any time. As a subscriber, you save up to 15% on your everyday essentials, save time on shopping and most importantly, keep your wardrobe of comfortable undies fresh.

All you have to do is choose from four subscription packages, Classic, Funky, Smart or Breezy, and we will take care of the rest. Or, if you are game for a surprise, subscribe to the Mix package!

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Regardless of your choice, Bundies will vary the colours and prints of the underwear based on your subscription preference.

To ensure even more convenience and safety for you, Bundies supports online payment through all major credit card merchants and PayPal that uses the most updated secure protocols for your transactions. Furthermore, Bundies delivers globally and always offers free delivery in Singapore and Hong Kong.

This new year, free yourself and make it your resolution to think big, live consciously and achieve your dreams. Let Bundies sweat the small stuff for you – beginning with your obligatory Chinese New Year underwear shopping!


Bundies is born because of a strong belief that underwear should be ultra-comfortable, made of the finest sustainably sourced materials and for a price that is fair for everyone. Through comfort and convenience, Bundies wants to inspire men from all walks of life to feel comfortable in their own skin.

The Bundies’ online shopping model removes the middleman and ensures that everyone gets their best underwear affordably and at their convenience. The Bundies Subscription Model takes it a step further to save time and avoid the hassle of going down to the stores so you can really focus on the things you love to do.

Bundies’ belief in sustainability ensures that you have ultra-comfortable underwear that is both ecological and humane. Bundies only works with factories that are held to a high standard, frequently audited, and support fair working conditions for the workers who are manufacturing the Bundies collections.