Lenovo C220 Smart Glasses with AR and Bone Conduction (Video)

Lenovo showcased a number of products at CES 2018. One of them is the Lenovo C220 Smart Glasses that incorporates AR (Augmented Reality) and runs on Android OS.

At one glance, it looks like a safety glass with optics on it. If you look closer, you will notice that there is a bone conduction (or induction) earpiece and the optics are adjustable/detachable.

I believe I have mentioned before. The future is AR (not just VR). With AR, you can interact with the actual environment and it is safer.

Hopefully, in the next few upgrades, the Lenovo smart glasses can shrink down even further. Here is the front view of the C220 Smart Glasses. Not so bad actually.

Based on the video, the module attached to the glases is customizable. That means you can put an optics module on it or other modules. Check out this video.

The new Lenovo Glass C220 solution pairs Artificial Intelligence learning & Augmented Reality. It consists of a glass unit and pocket unit and works by recognizing and identifying real-life objects using AI technologies. The 60-gram Glass Unit runs on Android. You experience AR through one eye while keeping the other eye on the real world.

Based on the description provided, the Lenovo C220 smart glasses allows professionals to transform their work through Augmented Reality (AR). This monocular, lightweight, hands-free AR hardware and software experience leverages your smartphone’s capabilities to augment service tasks, training and more. I really don’t mind to try it for a few days.

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