Gal Gadot is the New CEO of Huawei

Gal Gadot landed a new role in Huawei. She is now the CEO of Huawei. If you are thinking the CEO is what the usual CEO is, you are wrong.

Apparently, CEO means “Chief Experience Officer” here. This is not the first time a brand engages a celebrity to helm a dept or position in its company. Most of them seem to disappear soon after. Hopefully, she can be like her Wonder Woman character and stay on.

She mentioned during a live event at CES 2018 (via video) that she had used a Huawei P8 previously and now upgraded to Huawei Mate 10 Pro.

Here is some information from Huawei:-

“As the “CEO”, she will help to shape Huawei’s brand experiences and play an active role in listening to and providing ongoing ideas to inform how Huawei will bring the best experiences to its consumers.”

This seems like a timely announcement as US is getting their Mate 10 Pro soon. Check out the video of Gal Gadot below (starting from 38:40).


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