X-mini introduces INFINITI S, EVOLVE 2, XOUNDBAR W and KAI X1 W

X-mini introduces 4 new products at CES 2018. They are X-mini INFINITI S (USD399), X-mini EVOLVE 2 (USD149), X-mini XOUNDBAR W (USD45.90) and X-mini KAI X1 W (USD54.90).

Here are the specifications of the four new products.

And the key specifications comparison of them.

Press Release


  • X-mini™ INFINITI S offers signature 360° 3D surround sound for immersive audio with a specially designed removable genuine leather carry strap
  • X-mini™ EVOLVE 2 is the second-generation wireless hybrid speaker headphones with aptX technology for improved audio and video synchronisation over Bluetooth
  • New line of IPX7 waterproof portable speakers in X-mini™ XOUNDBAR W and X-mini™ KAI X1 W

Las Vegas, 9 January 2018 – X-mini™, makers of multiple award-winning portable speakers and a leader in portable audio innovation, is unveiling a range of new audio devices at this year’s CES. X-mini™ will be located at CES booth #35364 and will be providing product briefings and demonstrations.

The brand, which first burst onto the scene in 2007 with its iconic capsule speakers, revolutionised the industry with its designs, and kicked off an entire new product category globally called the portable speaker. It continues to do the same with products such as the hybrid speaker headphones X-mini™ EVOLVE series and the premium 360° 3D surround sound X-mini™ INFINITI series.

“There is an increasing consumption of music, and in a report released by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, streaming growth has increased steadily between 2012 and 2016, with a 60.4% increase between 2015 and 2016. As such, audio manufacturers need to keep up with the consumer need of having music wherever and whenever they want,” states Ryan Lee, Co-founder of X-mini™. “As market leaders in innovative audio design and engineering, we strive to break new grounds constantly and provide our users with great audio solutions that meets their lifestyles.”

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The X-mini™ INFINITI S is a portable 360° 3D surround sound speaker. Housing four drivers, one dedicated subwoofer, and built-in DPAC and DSP audio technologies, the X-mini™ INFINITI S is designed to disperse immersive high quality sound in all directions. With a compact form-factor and a removable genuine leather strap, enjoy added portability with the X-mini™ INFINITI S. It also comes with a HDMI port, that allows the speaker to be connected to home entertainment devices for high definition audio, and is an alternative to soundbars on the market. The X-mini™ INFINITI S comes with built-in USB Type-C port for fast-charging. The X-mini™ INFINITI S will be available in Q3 2018, at a suggested retail price of US $399.

X-mini™ EVOLVE 2

The second-generation X-mini™ EVOLVE 2 returns with improved design features. Dual Bluetooth and AUX-in connectivity provides added flexibility for constant music on-the-go. The versatile speaker headphones comes with a built-in swivel and leather ear pads with memory foam to improve noise isolation and give extra comfort. The hybrid speaker headphones features quad drivers, and a bass port for enhanced audio in speaker mode. The headset also includes aptX audio technology, for improved audio and video synchronisation over Bluetooth. The X-mini™ EVOLVE 2 will be available in Q2 2018, at a suggested retail price of US $149.


The X-mini™ XOUNDBAR W comes in a slim, pocket-designed form factor, making it easy to slip into the pocket. Housing dual 36mm audio drivers, enjoy full-range stereo sound with the X-mini™ XOUNDBAR W. It is an IPX7 waterproof certified ultra portable Bluetooth speaker, which can submerge in water for up to 1 meter for up to 30 minutes. The X-mini™ KAI X1 W also comes with a built-in camera mount, which can be fixed to a bicycle handle or tripod for a fuss-free outdoor audio experience. The X-mini™ XOUNDBAR W will be available in Q2 2018, at a suggested retail price of US $45.90.

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X-mini™ KAI X1 W

The X-mini™ KAI X1 W comes with a large 50mm driver for quality sound beyond size. With an IPX7 waterproof certified rating, the portable speaker can be submerged underwater for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. With an in-built camera mount, the X-mini™ KAI X1 W can be fixed to a bicycle handle or tripod for a fuss-free outdoor audio experience. The X-mini™ KAI X1 W will be available in Q2 2018, at a suggested retail price of US $54.90.


About X-mini™

X-mini™ is a Professional Portable Audio brand focused on bringing the very latest in portable audio innovation to the global market. X-mini™ is a multiple award-winning pioneer in the portable speaker category. Over 8 million iconic X-mini™ Capsule Speakers™ have been sold worldwide. Its rich audio heritage is anchored upon its early commitment to create excellent sound in small form factors, and by extension even better sound in any given form factor through the development of their own customised and signature audio drivers. X-mini™ products are and have been sold and distributed in over 80 countries around the world.