YouTube Rewind 2017, Like It or Hate It (Video)

It is the time of the year when YouTube will produce a video featuring the top Creators of the year. As of now, the video has garnered more than 100 million views. In my opinion, you either love it or hate it.

My most hated scene on YouTube Rewind 2017

I really don’t like this year’s YouTube Rewind 2017 (at least some part of it) and I realized that I did not post the YouTube Rewind video for 2016 for the same reason.

YouTube is much bigger now compared to last few years. It will be very difficult to choose prominent YouTubers because there are so many out there. I am sure nobody will be satisfied if their favorite YouTubers are not featured. Check out if yours is in the video or not.

It is interesting to see that this video has 2 million “likes” and 1 million “dislikes”. I think this is by far the most disliked YouTube Rewind video.

Many of the “dislikes” might be from Pewdiepie’s fans who are angry that their favorite YouTube Star is not invited to star in this video.

Tell me if you like it or not.