Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL To Be Available in Singapore?

Latest Update: CLICK HERE for the news on Google Pixel 2 XL in Singapore

Today, I received an interesting package from Google Singapore. It is a “care” package (hashtag: #MadeByGoogle so that I can watch the Google Hardware Event in comfort later. It did not mention anything about what “hardware” we would be anticipating though.

Based on the leaks, we might be seeing the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL during the “live streaming” event. Google Pixel series of smartphones has not officially reached Singapore before. If you own a Google Pixel phone, I am sure it was bought elsewhere or by shops that somehow able to bring them in in limited quantity unofficially.

What is interesting this time is that Google actually sent us a “care” package just a few hours before the event. Of course, based on past years, Google will introduce a series of products. However, if you look carefully on the package, it shows a shape like the rear view of the leaked Google Pixel 2 phone.

Does that mean┬áthat Singapore is finally getting the Google Pixel phones officially? If you want to find out, follow the link below to watch the “live” event soon.

Click Here to Watch the “Made by Google” Live Event

The event will start from 00:00 am on the 5th October.