Huawei Campus and Cashless Payment with WeChat Pay in Shenzhen (video)

With advancement in technology and Singapore, being a modern city is way behind China when it comes to cashless payment. I am glad to be invited by Huawei to check out its Huawei Campus and this country where everything, anything can be paid without using cash.

Before going to the Cashless Payment, here are some pictures of the man-made lake at Huawei Campus. FYI, the Huawei Campus in Shenzhen is sitting on a 2KM2 area, and this lake is just part of it.

I was told that it is very rare to spot these black swans that were imported from overseas. Today is a lucky day. Spotted two right in front of us.

Check out the video on how convenient it is to use WeChat Pay to pay for drinks at a 7-Eleven outlet and at Starbucks.

For those who are interested to know how I can use my WeChat account to pay in China, here are the details.

Setting up WeChat and WeChat Pay

First, I am using a China number on another phone (actually, it is a Huawei P10). To sign in to WeChat on the Huawei P10, I have to use my existing phone with the WeChat account to authorize it (need to scan a QR code).

Once done, you will be able to see a “Wallet” on the WeChat app (on the P10 in this case). However, I am unable to add a Singapore credit card on it.

The workaround is to get someone to send money “Red Packet” (This is what WeChat is calling for sending money to people) to my WeChat and accept it. Below are some screenshots showing the results.

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During the acceptance process, you will need to key in your credit card details and etc. Once done, you will be able to see the last 4-digits of your card number in the WeChat and your account should show the amount sent to you.

Using WeChat Pay

To use WeChat Pay, it is quite straightforward. Open the WeChat app, go to your “Wallet” and click on “Money”. A QR code will show up for the vendor to scan. Once scanned, you will be able to see the amount that you need to pay and a “Pay Now” button will appear. Click on it to complete.

For my case, I have to key in my password (which was set up during the WeChat Pay setup) to complete the payment. If successful, it will show the “success” message.

Using the WeChat app to pay is actually very simple and there are so many places that accept WeChat Pay or AliPay. It is no wonder that when China tourists visit Singapore, they felt that we are actually lacking behind them.

BTW, if you know an easier way to setup WeChat Pay in China, let me know. Thanks.