[FUSE]chicken Cables are Strong, Flexible and Indestructible

Do not let the name fool you. [FUSE]chicken might have the toughest cables for your devices. Added to their cable collection are the Titan cables, The Rivet Collection, the limited-edition Armour cables in red, Armour C for USB Type-C and the Bobine C for USB Type-C.


Here is a quick summary of the [FUSE]chicken cable pricing.

Titan Series

  • Titan +: S$79
  • Titan: S$65
  • Titan M: S$49
  • Titan Travel: S$55
  • Titan Travel M: S$39
  • Titan Loop: S$49
  • Titan Loop M: S$35

Rivet Series

  • Rivet Charge: S$65
  • Rivet Loop: S$55

Armour Series

  • Armour C: S$55
  • Limited edition Armour Red: S$65
  • Armour (1m): S$65
  • Armour (2m): S$79
  • Armour Travel: S$69
  • Armour Loop: S$55

Bobine Series

  • Bobine C: S$49
  • Bobine: S$65
  • Bobine Auto: S$69
  • Bobine Blackout | Everywhere Mount: S$69

Here is the Press Release with more details about the cables.

Press Release


Singapore, May 2017 – Remember the time we said that [FUSE]chicken cables would be the last cables you will ever buy? Well, Lamch & Co. is going to make that tough with a new release of these indestructible cables by [FUSE]chicken.

One Cable for Life

[FUSE]chicken cables embody their mission to make strong, flexible, and indestructible cables. Made from the finest materials and engineers, its double wrapped steel and woven stainless steel to direct fused connector housings eliminate the top reasons for cable failure.

Added to the [FUSE]chicken cable collection are the Titan cables in black, gold and rose gold, The Rivet Collection, the limited-edition Armour cables in red, Armour C for USB Type-C and the Bobine C for USB Type-C

Titan +: The Toughest Cable on Earth

From left to right: Titan + in black, gold, and rose gold

Our favourite indestructible cable, Titan, is back with the new Titan +. Titan + is 1.5 meters long and is available in the colours black, gold, and rose gold, to add to the sleek and minimalistic look of our smart devices.

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From withstanding the unforgiving bites of your dogs, to stopping a chainsaw in its tracks, the Titan series is ‘everything-proof’. Its indestructible quality ensures that it will be the only cable you need for the rest of your life.

Other products in the Titan series include: Titan, Titan Loop, and Titan Travel.

The Titan Series is made compatible with Apple and Android products. Its Android versions are dubbed Titan M, Titan Travel M, and Titan Loop M.

Titan +, Titan, Titan M, Titan Travel, Titan Travel M, Titan Loop, Titan Loop M retails at $79, $65, $49, $55, $39, $49, and $35 respectively.

Rivet: Ultimate Cable Management


The new Rivet collection uses the magnetic Rivet Technology that makes tangled and lost cables a thing of the past. With its magnetic properties, you are now able to coil Rivet cables into a portable loop with a simple snap together of the rivets and customize the length of the cable you want to use.

(From left to right) Rivet Charge (1m), Rivet Loop (0.3m)
(From left to right) Rivet Charge (1m), Rivet Loop (0.3m)

The Rivet series encompasses two products: Rivet Charge (1m) and Rivet Loop (0.3m) The Rivet series is only available for Apple products at the moment.

Rivet Charge and Rivet Loop retails at $65 and $55 respectively.

Armour: Armour C for USB Type-C and Limited-Edition Armour Red

The Armour series promises premium quality cables. Made from 100% stainless steel strands, its detailed aluminium housings and stainless steel cabling gives Armour the strength and durability to withstand the effects of time.

Now, Armour is available in USB Type-C with the launch of Armour C (1m).

Limited Edition Armour Red

The limited-edition Armour series in red is now available and is compatible with USB Type-C devices. However, it is currently only available to Apple users.

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Other Armour products include: Armour Loop and Armour Travel. Armour Loop (13cm) promises a tangle-free solution to on-the-go charging. Armour Travel (13cm) is designed to attach to your keys and is the size of most key fobs. With the Armour series, charging your devices never looked so easy and portable. They are now available to both Apple and Android users.

Armour C, Limited edition Armour Red, Armour (1m), Armour (2m), Armour Travel and Armour Loop retails at $55, $65, $65, $79, $69, and $55 respectively.

Bobine C: Bobine Series Extended to Micro USB Type C Devices

Bobine revolutionises the way we view charging cables. It is a cable, dock, tripod and stand all together. Made from military-grade and nickel-plated steel, it promises flexibility without compromising on its durability.

Now, Bobine is now available in USB Type-C with the launch of Bobine C.

Bobine Cable: The World’s Most Flexible Dock
Bobine Cable: The World’s Most Flexible Dock

Other Bobine products include: Bobine (0.6m) that is suitable for everyday use. Bobine Auto is perfect for drivers on the roads as it mounts on cars, and can be flexed into any position. As the name suggests, Bobine Blackout | Everywhere Mount creates unlimited possibilities for charging locations – it can even be mounted directly on the wall charging port.

The Bobine series is now compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

Bobine C retails at $49, Bobine retails at $65, and Bobine Auto, Bobine Blackout | Everywhere Mount retails at $69.

The new collection will be available from June 2017. Say goodbye to cables that constantly wear and tear and stubborn tangled wires with [FUSE]chicken’s strong, flexible and indestructible cables, now available at all Anté stores.

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Antė stores are located at

Antė @Tangs Plaza        | Lvl 3, 310 Orchard Road, Singapore 238864
Antė @Takashimaya     | Lvl 3, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238873
Antė @Suntec City Mall| #01-457A, Tower 1, 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983
Antė @Vivo City             | #02-K5 1 Harbourfront Walk, Singapore 098585


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