LIMPEH SAYS cards for Singaporean on Kickstarter NOW

This is probably the first Kickstarter that I supported that has no outstanding intro video and with very dull red and white color cards. It did not even have stretch goals (yet) but the name says everything – LIMPEH SAYS. If you can read and understand the name, you need to support it NOW.


If you are a Singaporean or stay long enough to understand Singlish, you will understand the title. It is loosely translated to “I SAY”. It is something we use a lot in Singapore amongst friends or family members.

The LIMPEH SAYS card set contains 550 cards (90 Red and 460 white). Game play is simple: –

The game is as simple as it gets. Each round, one player draws a Red Card. Everyone else answers with their best white card. The funniest combination wins.

If you want to understand more, CLICK HERE to download the official rule book. By the time of this writing, it has exceeded the funding goal.

Limpeh will stop now, quickly hurry up support this Singapore card game leh.

LIMPEH SAYS on Kickstarter


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