Ninja Van introduces Ninja Collect

Has there been a time when you return home and found that you have a missed delivery? Or worse, you found that the delivery person has placed your parcels outside the house? I believe with the influx of online shopping, these scenarios are more common nowadays. To counter these, Ninja Van launches Ninja Collect where you can pick up your parcels at your own conveniences with many pickup points to choose from.


With Ninja Collect, you have two ways to collect your parcel – Ninja boxes and Ninja Points. Personally, I have not tried the service before but based on the instruction, end-user must do some work.

How Can I Collect at a Ninja Distribution Point?

Step 1: Ensure that your parcel is delivered by Ninja Van. If you are not sure, please contact the e-commerce store that you were shopping at.

Step 2: Select a Distribution Point from the map provided.

Step 3: Copy the generated address and postal code.

Step 4: Paste this information as your “Delivery Address” during checkout on the e-Commerce store.

Step 5: Simply confirm your purchase and you’re good to go!

Step 6: You should receive a ‘Verification Code SMS’ when your parcels is ready for pick-up.

Here is the Press Release. I suggest you go to their Ninja Collect site to understand.

Press Release

Ninja Van Launches Brand New Service – Ninja Collect

Ninja Collect allows customers to collect their parcels where they want, at a convenient location of their choosing.
Flexible self-collection option at 46 strategic locations island-wide.

8 December 2015 – Singapore – Just over a year since its incorporation, Ninja Van has launched a brand new service – Ninja Collect. Ninja Collect is a self-service delivery method, allowing customers to collect their parcels from either Ninja Boxes or Ninja Points.

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Ninja Boxes

Ninja Boxes are automated parcel lockers strategically located in populous and urban sites e.g. Universities, Polytechnics and Business Parks. Customers can collect their parcel by simply scanning a verification code, which will be sent to them via email/SMS.

Ninja Points

Ninja Points are our partner retail shops also located in urban areas with high footfall. Customers can now collect their parcels from retail, pharmaceutical, hardware and grocery outlets.

Ninja Collect is removing the final barrier to truly convenient delivery solutions. By placing Ninja Boxes and partnering with local businesses in strategic areas across Singapore, Ninja Van aims to solve home-delivery frustrations faced by many young Singaporeans, i.e. Inflexible work schedules, tight deadlines, sustaining a healthy work-life balance.

How does Ninja Collect work?

E-Commerce customers can search for and find the most convenient Ninja Collect point for themselves via There, customers will have full-view of a map where they can select any point across the island. Once selecting their desired delivery location, customers simply copy and paste their Ninja Point address into the “Shipping Address” field on the E-Commerce check-out page. Once the parcel has been delivered to a Ninja Collect location, the customer is notified via email or SMS with a verification code. The customer simply verifies the code with the Ninja Point cashier or scans it at the Ninja Box, and that’s it, he/she is good to go!

Ninja Points Partnerships

Ninja Van currently runs the largest network of collection points across Singapore, and is looking to continuously expand. They are welcoming all retail establishments, regardless of size, to become a Ninja Point partner. At the same time, the team at Ninja Van are offering all E-Commerce businesses the opportunity to integrate the popular Ninja Collect services with their E-Commerce websites, providing their customers with more delivery options and flexibility. For all interested parties, please send an email to or register your interest at

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Lai Chang Wen, CEO, Ninja Van, said ‘Young Singaporeans nowadays live very busy lives. They work, hang out with friends & family, play sports, etc. There’s no time to waste during the day. I understand the frustrations of having to put aside a few hours on any given day just to wait for my E-Commerce purchase, which is why I felt the need to expand our range of services to include Ninja Collect. We want to give young Singaporeans the autonomy and flexibility to pick up their parcels at a time and place that is most convenient for them.”

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About Ninja Van

Ninja Van is South East Asia’s leading logistics solutions provider. Powered by innovative cloud-based technology, Ninja Van provides you with total visibility, control and ease to unlock the full potential of your business. Best of all, Ninja Van’s solutions can be tailored specifically for your needs. Its competitive priced solutions provide real-time visibility to all your shipping activities.

There’s no way like the Ninja Way.