Meet AINDOLL, the Intelligent Sex Doll on Indiegogo, App Included (video)


When I came across this product, I am wondering how I can classify it. AINDOLL is an Intelligent Silicon sex doll made with medical silicon. It comes with an app and she will measure your performance and yes, she’s connected to the Internet via your network. You can even customize her face and height.


It is now available on Indiegogo (Crowd Funding platform) and it is still a long way to reach their target of USD50,000. If you want to support them, follow the link below. If you are worried that people might find out that you have ordered a sex doll, you can actually support them anonymously. Check out the intro video.

Here is a short description of AINDOLL.

AINDOLL, the entire new generation sex doll has the customized lovely face you want, intelligent sex evaluation, practice, interaction function, full size with carbon fiber metal skeleton inside. AINDOLL’s soft silicone offers a real flesh-like feel and ultimate pleasure. With the AINDOLL smart APP, it become possible to connect with a remote lover or anonymous partners for enhanced pleasure as they know your orgasm state by the intelligent hardware embedded in your AINDOLL.

And that is not all, she will communicate with you with the AINDOLL APP, which will give you a review and suggestions. Head down to their indiegogo page to have more details.

Click Here to AINDOLL Indiegogo Page

I am not judging anyone who wants to buy one 🙂 .

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