Nokia to Sell USD26 Phone with 25 Days Battery Life (video)

Nokia is selling phones again and at an amazing price tag of USD26. It comes with 25 days of battery life and a talktime of up to 22 hours. No, we are not talking about a smartphone with big screen. We are looking at a featured phone with 2.4-inch screen and just Bluetooth (no WiFi). It is called Nokia 150.


Nokia is previously known for its good built quality. Hopefully, we can see it on the Nokia 150. Internally, it has built-in FM radio and MP3 player. It can keep you entertained with a classic game of Snake Xenzia or Nitro racing from Gameloft. Externally, its body is made of polycarbonate which is very durable. Here is the intro video.

The flash LED is also a torch light. It comes with a single SIM card or Dual SIM card version. Based on the report, it will go on sale in the first quarter of 2017 and only in certain regions of Asia and Europe.

Click Here to Check Out the Official Nokia 150 site