Amazon Prime Air First Delivery is a Success (Video)

Amazon has been toying on the idea of Air Delivery for years. In 2013, they demonstrated the idea of air delivery of their products and in December 2016, they finally make it official (in England). Check out Amazon Prime Air Delivery first attempt on a real customer.


It is amazing that the process is almost automated. From customer’s order to the activation of the drone service, there are minimum human contact. Check out the first delivery. Awesome.

Comparing the drone in 2013 and in 2016, they have made it safer and larger. Seems like the drone’s blades are well protected should anyone goes near it. I like that the drone can just drop off the goods at designated location and fly off without human intervention.

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However, even if it looks safe, I doubt this can work in Singapore given that population density is so high, and there are so many more considerations (tall buildings and etc) to automate this process.

The closest that we get is a trial by SingPost that flew a drone to Palau Ubin to drop off a parcel last year.


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