Pebble is Dead

Pebble is gone. It is official that they have been bought over by Fitbit. Pebble will cease all manufacturing, promoting, or selling of any new products. Those who had backed them on their latest Kickstarter campaign will receive refunds (except for products that had been shipped).


I have been thinking what title I should give for this news: “Pebble acquired by Fitbit”, “Fitbit acquires Pebble”, “Pebble integrated into Fitbit” and etc. However, the hard truth is that Pebble is dead. It may not be remembered in a few years. There will be no future products under the Pebble brand. Support, at the moment, is stated to slow down but I am sure it will cease within a few years. So, Pebble is dead, like it or not.

Click Here for the Official announcement from Fitbit

And if you are a Pebble user, maybe the below information will be more interesting. From Pebble blog post


What you need to know

  • Pebble is no longer promoting, manufacturing, or selling any devices.
  • Pebble devices will continue to work as normal. No immediate changes to the Pebble user experience will happen at this time.
  • Pebble functionality or service quality may be reduced in the future.
  • Kickstarter backers who have not received their rewards will receive a full refund within 4-8 weeks as a chargeback to their credit cards. No further action is needed. For more information, please visit our Support page.
  • Orders from are no longer being accepted or fulfilled, including Pebble 2 pre-orders, which have not yet been charged or shipped.
  • Warranty support is no longer available for Pebble watches. How-to information and troubleshooting can still be found on our Support page and in the Pebble Forum.
  • Returns of orders that were successfully completed before December 7, 2016 will be refunded by our Support Team.
  • Pebble watches purchased at retail may be returned or exchanged based on the retailer’s return policy.
  • Pebblers can still find replacement charging cables and other compatible accessories (bands, skins, etc.) from and third-party vendors like GadgetWraps and Clockwork Synergy.
  • If you have any other questions about Pebble’s wind-down of operations, please visit this page.

Here is their official information for current Pebble users.

Current Pebble Users

Active Pebble watches will work normally for now. Functionality or service quality may be reduced down the road. We don’t expect to release regular software updates or new Pebble features. Our new mission will focus on bringing Pebble’s unique wearables expertise to future Fitbit products. We’re also working to reduce Pebble’s reliance on cloud services, letting all Pebble models stay active long into the future.

One-to-one Pebble support is no longer available. Any Pebble currently out in the wild is no longer covered by or eligible for warranty exchange. Users looking to troubleshoot their Pebbles can still visit our Help Portal and community resources:

So, if you have just bought a Pebble, it might be good to check if there is a return policy. If not, you can keep it as part of Pebble history. There is not much details on what happen. The only word Pebble used is “due to various factors”.

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Thankfully, Pebble employees will be moved to Fitbit. The news of Pebble being acquired by Fitbit has been floating around for a week. Finally, it is officially announced. It might be interesting to know what really happen and young start-ups can really learn from it.

OK, lets move on…