Reduce Data Usage, Use BlackBerry with DataSmart Technology

With the recent announcement from SingTel regarding the change in their data plan from 1st July 2012 and also information that StarHub is also going to announce changes in the same area, RIM has provided some material to show that BlackBerry devices consume less data as compared to others.

A study conducted by independent research organisation Rysavy showed that BlackBerry smartphones use:

  • 75% less data for emails….or gives BlackBerry customers up to 4x more email
  • 50% less data for web browsing….or gives BlackBerry customers up to 2x more browsing or social networking

Here is an extract from BlackBerry website.

DataSmart technology, including data compression, works a lot like zipping large files on your computer. When you use data on a BlackBerry smartphone, it’s almost as if the data is zipped up before it’s sent or received so it’s smaller and uses up less of your data plan.

So, if you are really interested, click on the link below.

Click Here for More Information on BlackBerry DataSmart Technology


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