Samsung Transparent Smart Window is Freaking Cool (Video)

The idea of looking through your window (not the computer Windows OS) and at the same time, able to touch it to access Internet, perform your office work and etc. It is aka Minority Report. Finally, it is here. Meet Samsung Transparent Smart Window.

Now, you can look through the window from your house or watch TV on it. You can also activate a blind function to limit the light to come in.

What is (I think) the best feature is that Samsung has incorporated some solar power in it so that the power consumption is just 10%. Awesome stuff.

As mentioned, it is transparent, I can imagine fixing this into car windows or even onto the windscreen and with a proper camera (like IR or Thermo Imaging), you can literally see in the dark and at the same time use it for some AR (Augmented Reality) stuff like navigation.

The potential of this technology is great. BTW, people from the outside will not be able to peak into this Samsung Transparent Smart Window.