AguaDrone helps You to Catch Fishes, 100% Waterproof (video)

While there are many drones out there, their primarily function is aerial fun or most recently, aerial photography or videography. However, AguaDrone is the first drone (IMO) that helps you to catch fishes (sonar) and perform underwater photography.


It is also the first drone that I know that can interchange the onboard gadgets easily. Some features of the AguaDrone: –

  • 100% waterproof that can land and in and take off from fresh or saltwater.
  • Internal components are plug and play which means easy for component replacement.
  • Quick change pod system allows easier and quicker change from one accessory pod to the next without the needs for tools.

Check out the intro video.


Here are the features of AquaDrone


You still have 17 days (as of this writing) to support AguaDrone. As usual, my warning to those who want to support Kickstarter. We are “funding” them to make their projects successful. We are NOT paying for a product. That means, we are also taking a risk in the “investment” of the project. And from my experiences, there will be delays.

Click Here to Check Out AguaDrone on Kickstarter



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