Use Samsung Pay with Any Android Smartphone (video)

Now you can use Samsung Pay with any smartphone. However, there is a catch. You need to have the Samsung Gear S3. Pairing Gear S3 with an Android phone (Android Kitkat and above) allows you to setup Samsung Pay on the Samsung Gear App. It is very easy.


Check out this video.

Here is a screenshot of the Samsung Gear app with the Samsung Pay feature.


Follow the instructions and you will be able to setup your card properly. During the setup, you will need to turn on the Screen Lock on the Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch. And like any credit card, you will need to sign once 🙂 to complete the setup .


The reason I am so excited about the Samsung Pay is because Citibank is supported. With Samsung Pay, you can make payment on the older magnetic card reader. With the magnetic card reader, there is no payment limit (for Samsung Pay with NFC or Android Pay with NFC, there is a $100 limit). Check out the supported cards for Samsung Pay.


Here is the unlock screen on the smart watch.


And here is the card info on Samsung Pay. If you have multiple cards, you can swipe (or rotate the bezel) to the card you want for your transaction.


And here are a couple of images showing how to use Samsung Pay on the Samsung Gear S3.


So, you can use Samsung Pay now without a Samsung phone 🙂